The Olympic Qualifying Streaker Speaks

The Olympic Qualifying Streaker Speaks

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The Olympic Qualifying Streaker Speaks



                                                                     Photo by ISI Photos

When the most attractive streaker in U.S. soccer history left the field at Raymond James Stadium dressed in bra, panties and American flag, there were plenty of questions going through the minds of U.S. fans watching the USA-Honduras game last week. Is she drunk? Is she single? Is she a Mons Venus marketing ploy?

So many questions were out there that I couldn’t help but want to interview Tiffany May, so when SF at The Offside Rules found her MySpace page I was ready for the interview request. Two things stopped me. The fact that I couldn’t even remember my MySpace password (yes, it’s been a while) AND the fact that it all felt a bit stalker-ish (no offense there Christian Miles).

Thanks to the like-minded folks at Hillcrest Road, the Kansas City Wizards team blog, an interview with Miss May is now available. Hillcrest Road spoke to Tiffany, asking her all some of the questions going through our minds.

Here is the interview. Enjoy. (And for those of you wondering, the winners of the You Write the Caption contest for the above photo will post on Monday.)

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