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Today’s Soccer on TV: UEFA Cup, CONCACAF Champions Cup headline

Good afternoon folks. If you happen to be at home today, or have access to a TV, you will have more than your usual number of soccer viewing options.

Today’s slate of TV games includes UEFA Cup, CONCACAF Champions Cup and EPL action. You have MLS teams competing in an official tournament as well as U.S. national team goalkeeper Tim Howard trying to help his club, Everton, get past Fiorentina in the UEFA Cup.

The UEFA Cup kicks off today with the following slate of games:

  • Fiorentina at Everton (TV)
  • Bayer Leverkusen at Hamburg (TV)
  • Anderlecht at Bayern Munich (TV)
  • Marseille at Zenit St. Petersburg
  • Tottenham at PSV Eindhoven
  • Benfica at Getafe

Here is the full slate of soccer games on TV today:

12:45pm- Setanta USA- Bayer Leverkusen at Hamburg (UEFA Cup)

3:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Fiorentina at Everton (UEFA Cup)

3:45pm- GolTV- Anderlecth at Bayern Munich (UEFA Cup)

4pm- Setanta USA- Derby County at Chelsea

6pm- FSC- Middlesbrough at Aston Villa

8pm- FSC- D.C. United at Harbor View (CONCACAF Champions Cup)

10pm- FSC_ Houston Dynamo at CD Municipal de Guatemala (CONCACAF Champions Cup)

Which matches will you be watching? Share your thoughts on the following matches below (I will be putting up a post on the Champions Cup matches later this afternoon so feel free to save your comments on those matches for later today).


  1. I was actually excited to see how Timmy handled the PK’s, but there were none that he really could have stopped, save the first that he managed to get a hand on (but even that took an amazing reaction dive, and the ball was hammered.) The opposing keeper made one decent save, but how do you hit the post on a PK? That was horrible. But they wouldn’t have even been in a shootout if Howard hadn’t made an incredible save in the 2nd half, so it can’t totally be pinned on him. (Although the English media may try.)

  2. I’m not sorry for Everton, but am a little for Tim Howard. I have a feeling that EPL fans are going to have a short memory…

    As dominant as Everton was today, they were dominated last week in Florence. All in all an even matchup. Always a shame that someone loses on PK’s, but I have a feeling we’ll get enough EPL crowing with 4 teams in the CL 1/4 finals anyway.

  3. Oh man, my two favorite teams are on. I’m watching the Toffees right now!!! Go Tim Howard! And damn if they didn’t just almost score again in the 70th minute just now! Damn. Also, I’ll be watching the DC game also! I love my United!

  4. I’ll be closely following the CONCACAF Champion’s Cup, but I have to work tonight. Thank goodness for the replay tomorrow afternoon!

    Go MLS!


    And out here on the Left Coast, thank goodness for the DVR.

    Hope the MLS boys represent well tonight.

  5. Don’t forget Libertadores on FSE!!


    Arsenal(Arg) vs LDA Quito(Ecu) 5:10EDT

    U Catolica(Chi) vs River Plate(Arg) 9:10EDT–this one should be a beauty!

    Atlas(Mex)vs Maracaibo(Ven) 10:30EDT


    Lanus(Arg)vs Cuenca(Ecu) 7:10EDT

    San Martin(Per)vs America(Mex) 9:30EDT

  6. I’m watching Everton v. Fiorentina, and it’s a decent match from Everton’s POV. Getting forward often, and threatening to score the goal that would tie the score on aggregate. Fior look dangerous though. This could turn into a very interesting game.

  7. D.C UNITED!!! DC UNITED!!! And Bayern Munich too…But I can’t wait to see Marcello Gallardo for DC. If he lives up to the hype, he could be a dominating player in the MLS..Mayor Fenty is a joke, another D.C. mayor who does not appreciate the value of a good sports product within the city limits…

  8. I am very concerned about the situations in Houston and DC (more so). DC has virtually a new squad that won’t have that American drive to prove. DC is really gonna miss Gomez’s leadership and feisty play. Gallardo could find it hard to get a groove with this team early. Plus, we don’t have trusty Ben O.

    Houston still lacks a striker and is missing Holden, Ianni, Mullan (coming back from injury)….I sure hope we do ok, but am nervous…much more so this one than last year — for both teams.

  9. I’ll be closely following the CONCACAF Champion’s Cup, but I have to work tonight. Thank goodness for the replay tomorrow afternoon!

    Go MLS!

  10. Why in the world is the tottenham game NOT on TV!? There is no reason for that and someone dropped the ball on that one. I would take that game over any of those any day.


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