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You Write the Caption: The best of Twellman in Cancun

Good morning everybody. It is time to announce the winning entries of another You Write The Caption contest. This time around we will be picking the Top 10 caption submissions for the photo of Taylor Twellman in a hot tub in Cancun.

There were a bunch of quality suggestions for this poignant photo of Taylor Twellman sharing a hot tub with some teammates and unidentified females. Enjoy the Top 10 captions after the jump:


10. And I'm gonna sit here all by myself and not come out until you let me go to England (Sayreville FC)

9. Where is Eliot Spitzer when I need him? (Chris)

8. Taylor Twellman watching Preston's North End as she walks away(Dannyc58)

7. Man, you miss few opportunities on the National Team, and no one talks to ya. (Michael F)

6. "I miss Pat Noonan. Sigh" (SBI)

5. "Well no, the divorce isn't technically final, but…Hey! Baby! Come back! It's not like that!" (Jaizea)

4. While Kick Medic has helped thousands of players score more on the field, it obviously hasn't had the same effect for Taylor Twellman in his off-the-field life. (Mike Caramba)

3. Score in a hot tub. You couldn't score in a hottub!! Scoooo-re in a hooooot- tuuuuub. You couldn't score in a hottub!! (Jason)

2. Shrinkage….it's not just for my shirts. (Guillermo)

And the No. 1 caption for the Taylor Twellman in Cancun edition of You Write the Caption is:

1. Taylor Twellman is despondant as he once again fails to score while on international duty.(Manic Messiah)

Thank you to all who took part and stay tuned for the next edition of You Write The Caption.


  1. Damn, I’m sad I missed this one. I just thought of a caption, too:

    Taylor drifts off in the hot tub, thinking, “I wonder where Tiffany May is right now.”

  2. Congrats to the winner you are the chosen one get yourself a t-shirt and remember Manic Messiah.

    “You don’t have to score golas in the Champions League or Serie A to make a religious statement.”

    Quote brought to you by Soccer by Ives sponsor Objectivo Apparel.

  3. Somehow I missed this one. I would have went with:

    Sigh… If only I could afford to stay here another night. I’m trapped in Foxboro with alimony payments to make.

  4. funny stuff. Taylor must feel like the most picked on player in MLS right now.

    “Welcome to the show Taylor, let’s talk about last season… about your transfer to England… why do you wear such tight shorts…”


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