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Attention SBI Writing Candidates: Decision day looming

If you were one of the prospective writers to apply for one of the 14 team correspondent positions on Soccer By Ives you should have an answer shortly. I will be naming the correspondents by Friday, with pieces on next weekend’s games hitting the website by Monday.

If you have not received any response from me and you applied before last week please email me. if you applied late I may not have had a chance to respond yet.

Thank you again to all of you who have expressed interest in writing for SBI.


  1. All 14 writers will have to go through a grueling initiation to enter the SBI Mafia and become made men.

    Now, I dont want to be a snitch, but I keep my ear to the street, and it seems these people are not fooling around. Its project mayhem out there.

    Stealing Commerce Bank Pens.


    Not picking up after their dog.

    Throwing paper towels into the toilet bowl.

    Chaos my friends.

    Dont you dare think Eyeviscious and his SBI Mafia are anything but real street criminals.



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