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Chivas USA at Columbus Crew: Your Running Commentary

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The Columbus Crew will be looking to erase the memories of last week’s lackluster performance against the Red Bulls, but it won’t be easy against a Chivas USA team that has managed to get results despite not playing its best soccer.

Crew Stadium won’t have an army of visiting fans so look for the Crew to be pushed by a home team eager to see its team show the form that helped Columbus win the season opener against Toronto FC.

Chivas USA has managed four points from two games without Ante Razov and with Maykel Galindo still working his way back to fitness. The Goats will look to test a Crew defense that has plenty of question marks heading into the season.

If you are watching the Crew-Chivas USA match and will be online then please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play from the match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the soccer.


  1. Well I didn’t see the Kljestan foul. But I can’t say I am suprised. I remember watching the U-23s and he always had some very wreckless tackles from behind. None that he has any excuse for doing. I hope he gets fined. He needs to grow up and play right.

  2. Nice to see the Crew defend their turf. The young and old players are really starting to meld-making for entertaining soccer. Now if the fans would show up for something other than a Buckeye game.

  3. GBS booked for interfering with a free kick, but it’s game over as soon as it’s kicked.

    4-3 Crew and GBS for MVP

    Rogers is Man of the Match with 2 goals and a lot of running.

  4. 93min

    GBS dribbling the corner and just abusing Curtin. Looks like the Globetrotters dribbling around Curtin and when Curtin finally gets help pinning GBS in the corner, GBS just backheels it thru their legs and draws the foul as they sandwich him in the middle.

  5. 90min

    Rogers on the wing in the same place he scored goal #3 for the Crew, and instead of shooting, dribbles to the corner to kill time.

    four minutes of stoppage time

  6. so with 6 minutes and stoppage time, Chivas is down 1 goal and 2 men.

    They’re still attacking, tho, and given Columbus’s track record (like losing to KC last year despite taking a lead into end-of-game stoppage time) you can’t count on this being safe.

    Crew about to bring on Miglioranzi

    Padula still on the field, tho Sigi said he was only likely to play 60 minutes.

  7. 83min

    Red card for Medoza

    A hard sliding challenge on Gaven on the sideline well after the ball is gone and he gets a 2d yellow.

    He knew it, too. He was most of the way to the locker room before the card came out.


    Kleijstan takes out GBS’s legs.

    Mendoza is probably still in the tunnel, and Kleijstan’s about to join him with a straight red. (I think I said earlier that Kliejstan was playing with a yellow, but I was wrong)

    Somehow Gallindo and Nagamura didn’t get any cards for dissent, even though they were both in Salazar’s face, and Gallindo looked like he was about to wrestle Salazar to the ground.

    GBS was still on the field this late, too, despite Sigi traditionally subbing him around the 70th min.

  8. Big cross from Hejduk in back right to Rogers on front left.

    He controls past the defender and lets one rip, that skips past Guzan who leans the wrong way.

    That one was totally Guzan’s fault.

  9. 78min

    Nagamura gets the ball at the top of the 18 and the Crew take a smoke break, allowing him to launch a shot that Hesmer gets a hand on, but can’t stop.

    3-3, tie game, 10 minutes + stoppage.

  10. Crew seem to do a lot better pushing the ball to the wings than Chivas. The Goats seem to want to stay in the middle 25m or so of the field, while Columbus has Rogers and Gaven living along the sidelines.

  11. 75min

    Padula shown a yellow for, I dunno, having a mustache. He wasn’t delaying on the ball; didn’t try to sneak it forward another few feet; and wasn’t mouthing off. No idea what it was about.

    Commentators said it was “delay” but no idea how.

  12. Chivas start acting childish about the kickoff. GBS wants them to line up *outside* the center circle (I know, the nerve of him!) and they’re yelling at him to kick off already. The Crew never kick it off, but Chivas run in and try to steal it when the whistle blows, then get mad when Columbus take the ball back.

  13. 72min

    O’Rourke challenged first guy on the ball, and missed, and Marsch ran in behind him, catching Marshall out of position. 1-on-1 with Hesmer, Marsch hits side netting with a touch shot

    Crew defense took a coffee break thinking the game was won with a 3-1 lead.

  14. That last play showed 3 things about this game:

    1. Schelotto is just smarter than everyone else on the field. He’s seeing passes that no one else is.

    2. Rogers is a lot faster than you realize. There are times he seems to teleport around the field.

    3. The Chivas back line is playing flat and paying for it. Their centerbacks can’t cover the wings because they’re too far forward.

  15. 71min

    GBS one-touch pass (guess what? diagonal ground ball) right thru the defense, that leaves Ebert falling over trying to turn around. Rogers gets behind the defense 1-on-1 with Guzan and buries it on the near post when he saw Guzan lean far post.

    3-1 Crew.

  16. 68min

    Marsch gets a yellow card. Gaven had tackled Mendoza and taken the ball – could’ve easily been a foul on Gaven but not called. Marsch was standing around with his hands up trying to get a foul on Gaven. When Gaven dribbled past Marsh, he hammered Gaven to the ground and got the card.

  17. 63min

    Ball out of bound off Kliejstan and he yells at Salazar and then flings the ball petulantly out of bounds. Moffatt blasts a shot a Guzan that he has to make a wrong-footed kick-save. Definitely one for the highlight file.

    If Kleijstan isn’t already carrying a card, he’d’ve gotten one on that throw-in, but Salazar was probably reluctant to red-card him over immature behavior.

  18. You can’t point to any one play that Carroll has made to make the Crew play any better, but he’s holding possession better than Marsch or any of the other Chivas guys.

    The Crew seem more settled and Chivas seem to be chasing/forcing more.

  19. Chivas doing a lot of chasing and not a lot of buildup. Can’t keep possession for more than 3-4 passes, and it’s not Crew tackling, but Chivas rushing passes as the Crew start to challenge.


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