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Colorado Rapids at New England Revolution: Your Running Commentary

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Two of the more explosive offenses early in the season square off at Gillette Stadium tonight as the Revs look to build in its 3-1 win against previously unbeaten Kansas City. The Rapids are coming off a 3-2 loss to the Wizards last weekend but will look to test the Revs defense.

The marquee match-up will be in central midfield, where Colorado’s Christian Gomez and New England’s Shalrie Joseph rekindle a long-running battle.

Can Colorado stop the speedy Revs newcomers? Can the Revs back-line post their second straight home shutout?

If you will be watching the match then feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Unfortunately the Revs play in a soccer-unfriendly stadium (it’s nice, but not designed for MLS-size crowds) on a crappy fake pitch in the middle of nowhere. Foxboro is closer to Providence than Boston and basically unaccessible by public transportation.

    Their attendance used to be solid but have declined as the atmosphere in Gillette is nil, with the exception of The Fort. I’ve been there several times and the whole match experience sucks. Even Revs fans call it a mausoleum.

    Of the last 8 playoff games at Foxboro (excluding MLS Cup final ’02), the Revs have gotten fewer than 12,000 fans on 6 of those occasions… and above 15,000 only once.

    Blame it on the weather all you like but if people care about the team and have a good match experience, they’ll show up. Why do you think the Pats still draw over 60,000 even when it’s 10 degrees and blizzardy…

  2. Mike — I certainly don’t look at attendance figures in a vacuum. I actually do use my brain on occasion. I was still suprised even with the factors you mentioned. It was a good matchup — I thought it would draw more despite other factors. It was a legitimate question.

  3. It amazes me how people tend to post about attendance for various games as if attendance figures happens in a vacuum and is not at all affected by various factors. There were weather reports of possible thunderstorms all day long (and in fact they were happening in various parts of the region, including Boston) which kept people away, not to mention the Yankees were in town against the Red Sox. I’m amazed attendance legitly seemed to break 5,000.


  4. Brims – If they keep playing at a stadium in the middle of nowhere, while playing on a plastic pitch, the i am all for no one supporting them. I’ve heard a bunch of BS for 18mos-2yrs now about a stadium closer to Boston. When it does happen it will still take 2 years to build. I will still support this team, but my patience is running out

  5. There’s usually not much to question with Steve Nicol’s management of the Revs, but he removed Sainey Nyassi for Argenis Fernandez’s debut, but that move resulted in Khano Smith playing on the right. Smith hasn’t been doing much this game and is doing far, far less now that he’s on the right.

  6. I’ll be back supporting the team (Rapids) IF, they can put together a few more consistently good performances. Rapids fans felt burned last year with a couple of good early season performances and a mostly poor showing the rest of the season.


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