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FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo: Your Running Commentary

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The Texas Derby resumes today with the Houston Dynamo playing host to FC Dallas at Robertson Stadium. FC Dallas might have some ugly flashbacks to the last visit to Robertson, which was the 4-1 overtime loss in game two of their Western Conference playoff series last November.

In fact, FC Dallas was 0-3 in Houston last season. The Dynamo has won all five meetings between the teams at Robertson Stadium since the Dynamo was formed in 2006.

If FC Dallas has an advantage, it is that the Dynamo will surely be looking ahead to its mid-week CONCACAF Champions Cup semifinal against Deportivo Saprissa. The Hoops will be looking to erase the memories of last week’s disappointing 1-1 tie with Chivas USA, a match FC Dallas was winning late before a Duilio Davino miscue helped Chivas USA find an equalizer.

Today’s match will be shown nationally on Telefutura at 3 p.m. If you plan on watching the match, and will be online, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. sayervilleFC, I’m pretty sure that Toja wouldn’t be cap-tied to Colombia by virtue of having played for the u-20’s. I think it only matters if you played with the senior team, and you were over 21 or something. Rossi (cough… traitor, cough) played for the Italian U-21’s, but until 2 months ago, he was still eligible to play for the USA.

  2. Julio wrote:

    “Can Juan Toja play for the US? I have always wanted to know if he or Mykel Galindo can play. Toja has not play with the Senior team for Colombia only the SUB 21 team. Galindo played with the Cuban National Team but defected, can’t he under immigration rules or what not play for the US?”

    Toja played for Colombia at the 2005 U20 World Championship so he is cap-tied to them.

    Galindo is, in theory, cap-tied to Cuba since the Gold Cup, which he played in when he defected, is a FIFA event.

    But, since political reasons keep him from playing for Cuba again, he might be able to get FIFA to un cap-tie him.

    I know there were some instances of this during the Cold War when players left Eastern Bloc countries and played for a Western national team despite being cap-tied to their previous country.

    Right now, it’s a moot point since Galindo isn’t a US citizen but it would be interesting to see what FIFA ruled if Galindo and/or the USSF appealed to them to let him play for the US.

  3. @Spencer

    Boswell was with DC last year, while the Waible/Mulrooney-Cochrane-Robinson-Barret backline set a league record for consecutive shutouts and minutes without letting in a goal. The Houston backline misses Cochrane’s familiarity with the system, and Boswell hasn’t grasped how it works, so he’s always out of position and too slow to recover. He’s also bad about marking and gets beat in 1-on-1s. I don’t think he’s been beaten in the air often, but that’s like saying the poison had a nice aftertaste.

  4. cooper should get called up to the national team and it’s funny how the best defense last year is looking like one of the worst if not the worst defense so far this year

  5. Crap, Robinson looks hurt for real, in a ‘I dunno if I want to see the replay’ kind of way. Bad end. My policy is to root for 0 injuries of any kind, MLS has no depth.

    And at the whistle. Great game, very fun and some real skills on the ball, combined with bad/slow defending and a nitemare goalie sub for Hou.

    Too bad Holden didn’t make the field, I would have loved to watch him straight up against Alvarez, since they’re both jockying for the same position.


  6. I don’t even believe it when my own players are on the ground writhing in pain AlexS, don’t be surprised if he ends up alright.

    Sad that that’s what soccer has come to.

  7. 3-3 Final. Disappointng from the Champs, who by now look like they will be fielding a team of reserves in Costa Rica out of necessity more than choice. Ashe, Cameron, and Caraccio impress. Boswell and Ciag again don’t.

    Like Conner C. I also look forward to writing about this one. I’ll be interested to see how different our takes on this game are.

  8. 90+’ ERob gets mugged with a late tackle out of bounds by FCD number 11, no card. Looks like Eddie’s missing midweek against Saprissa and I pray that’s the extent of it.

  9. Full-time 3-3. Typical FCD finish. Going to be fun writing about this one.

    On the bright side, first points in Houston for the FCD gang.

  10. So, if you see make a post saying how I want to see a Ching – Altidore pairing for the ‘Nats? Remember that goal. (Now dependent upon Ching regaining some basic mobility though)

  11. 89′ Dynamo with a corner, no word I’ve heard on stoppage.

    Again, not even a shot on goal. 3-on-1 FCD fast break. Caig does well to come out and stop the guy with the ball who should’ve passed.



    Didn’t see that one coming!

    On the other end of the field Ching couldn’t turn his defender and knocks it up for Cameron who takes the shot from around the 18 and puts it in the top of the net!

    Tied 3-3

  12. 86′ Wallace in for Cooper. Cooper’s been playing as a defender for the last 30 minutes anyways.

    Right before that, Robinson with a shot from distance that goes a superman jump over the goal. It’s bad when Eddie realizes that nobody else is willing to pull the trigger from a distance.

  13. Cameron on the business end on a cross, hits the side netting. Supposedly took a deflection for a Dynamo corner, which comes to nothing aside from a Dynaom throw in.

  14. I’m going to skip the play-by-play for now. The Dynamo are attacking, but not getting the shots off.

    Davis in for Barrett… I thought Davis was supposed to be a few weeks from coming back but I guess I’m wrong.

    Mullan crosses to Ching and it’s a bit high… if he wasn’t coming back from injury he hits that spot on and it’s a goal.

    Richardinho in for Alvarez.

    Caig makes a nice save on the Oduro break but spills it (thankfully to safety). Caid makes a brilliant diving save on a well taken McCarty shot, but can’t get back up in time to pounce on the rebound. Thankfully orange shirts get there first and knock it away.

  15. There was the run, and it was 3 on 1 defender. Right play was passing that ball.

    Ricardinho for Alvarez.

    2 for 2. =D

  16. 77′ Nice play in the box has Ching spin the ball past his defender, but Sala gets to it before Ching does and covers it well.

    Turned into a Dynamo corner which came to nothing as nobody could put anything on it.

  17. @Xiphosis

    Uhh, I wouldn’t take that bet. The only thing that will save Dallas right now is a run by Oduro or epic ineptitude from Houston.

  18. @AlexS he got the Yellow for chopping down Mulrooney on a good run.

    LOL. Houston completely drops the ball on a clear, open shot by trying to pass it further into the box. Good jorb!


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