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Guevara’s beautiful goal

If you have not seen Amado Guevara’s free kick goal against Kansas City, you are in for a treat. The Honduran midfielder scored his second goal of the day in breath-taking fashion, curling a long-range free kick past Kevin Hartman to give Toronto a 2-0 win on Saturday.

Here is the goal:

What do you think of the goal? Should we not even bother with a vote for goal of the week? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Intentional handball by a defencer in the box to prevent a goal = automatic red card.

    Intentional handball by a striker in the box to score a goal should also = automatic red card, right?

    Any referees know the answer to this one?

  2. This hasn’t been mentioned yet, but does anyone feel that Guzan should have done better on Donovan’s first and second goals??? He reacted pretty slowly, like he has all season, to both shots and Donovan left him with no chance on the third. Also, Klejstan or Guevara deserve GOTW honors. Gallardo’s goal was beautiful, but I’m just not feeling it as much as the others. Cheers.

  3. RBNY 2-0 win over the Earthquake

    Altidore scores in injury time

    my only problem, why wasnt msg plus available in my area?

    I had to watch it on telefutura.



    I Like TFC but RBNY are getting there players back from their injuries and I see 3-2 scoreline with RBNY of course winning.

  4. Guevara has been a revelation in his three games with TFC. He walked into the squad a day after arriving and assisted on the first goal against Houston. He was a man possessed against RSL. and he coulda had 4 goals against KC with all the great chances he had (including a header that was cleared off the line by KC).

  5. agree, lot of great goals this week. sick goal by gallardo. kljestan made his look way too easy. donovan’s three goals were great especially considering two were w/ his left foot.

  6. Usually I respect everything “kpugs” posts on here, but who reamed his rearend today? That’s a lot of venom in your submissions … I’m just saying it’s a bit uncalled for.

    I might concede you have about Donovan being treated differently than others, definitely, but I won’t concede he deserved a red card. I think the ref handled that situation with a yellow perfectly so early in the game.

  7. I’m not good at saying one goal is better than another; it’s all subjective. As far as Gallardo’s was concerned, I was there, and I didn’t cheer when he scored it because I was stunned. It was insane. Gallardo described his goal as perhaps the best of his career, definitely in his top 10. That’s quite a strong statement for someone with his background.

  8. Guevara’s goal was class. His goal this week and Robert’s goal last week from the same part of the pitch I think will give a lot of opposing teams pause when they play TFC.

    When opposing sides see that we have multiple players with world class dead ball skills we just might get some more room in open play for some of our speedier players like Wynne (who had a great game yesterday) and Ricketts to make some slashing runs.

    That, and with our crowd and the team we have now we have every oportunity I think to run the table in this homestand and win all five of them. GO TFC!!! COME ON YOU REDS!

  9. Its not even close. Gallardo’s goal was easily the best goal this week.

    I agree there were a lot of good goals this week – and its about time we say that. But, Gallardo’s was technically the best strike. And it was such a ridiculous angle.

  10. kpugs, does the k in kpugs stand for kenny . watch ur mouth. u cant be that stupid to believe Reyna is better than Guevara right now. Know ur stuff before u talk.

  11. P.P.S. The worst part is he KNEW he wasn’t going to get sent off, and that’s why he did it. He knows MLS treats him with kid gloves, that is why he is a completely different player for the USA. It is unbelievable.

  12. P.S. Donovan shouldn’t have even had a hat trick, he should have had a RED CARD for an INTENTIONAL HAND BALL on his “hand of god” attempt. This league is a complete and total joke.

  13. That’s the goal of the week, though Klejstan’s was sick (again) and Gallardo’s showed unbelievable concentration and control.

    I agree with Mike, as well. This was easily the best week of MLS this year, and really a great weekend for the league. You had great crowds and atmosphere in Torornto, Chicago, and L.A., some really good football in stretches from several teams, and an exciting (though often sloppy) nightcap on FSC.

    Let’s hope RBNY caps the weekend off with a resounding win today!

  14. I think Gallardo’s was better. It was an absolute blast on a no angle volley. You see goals like Guevara’s all the time, Gallardo’s was something special.

  15. Klejstan’s goal was Thierry Henry-like

    All three of Donovans were pure-class

    Guevaras Freekick was Fantastic

    Gallardos was Zidane-Like

    Best Week Of MLS yet

  16. Gallardo had an exciting goal last night, too, one timing a long cross past Rimando from close range, but a narrow angle, into the opposite side netting.

    The only reason I’d give Guevara the goal of the week is because Gallardo wouldn’t have had a chance had Nat Borchers hadn’t done such a woeful job of defending, not paying a bit of attention to Gallardo, then feebly jumping to attempt to head the ball away, leaving Gallardo a clear shot. Guevara’s goal cleared a well-built wall, swerved away from Hartman, and dipped under the crossbar. As good a direct free kick as I have ever seen in MLS.


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