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Morning Ticker: Vidic a doubt, Ronaldinho too pricey for Milan and Aussie goalkeeper given reprieve


Good morning folks. Wednesday is here, which means today is the day of the Manchester United-Barcelona Champions League semifinal. It promises to be a match-up for the ages and will certainly have most of us glued to the TV this afternoon.

Since that is still several hours away, here are some soccer stories to tide you over this morning:

Vidic doubtful for semifinal

Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic is doubtful for today’s Champions League semifinal vs. Barcelona with a stomach flu. He had been a doubt because of a knee injury but now has apparently caught a flu bug. There are still conflicting reports on his availability, with some papers believing that Vidic will play. Both he and Wes Brown should face late fitness tests but if I were a betting man I would bet on Vidic being in the lineup.

Milan says price too high for Ronaldinho

Just when it seemed that AC Milan had locked up the services of Ronaldinho comes word that Barcelona is asking for too much money. According to this report, Barcelona is asking for 30 million Euros while AC Mialn is willing to pay 16 million. Considering all the needs Milan has going into the summer (a forward, a goalkeeper and some midfielders) they would be crazy to pay that much to a player who would amount to a luxury item.

Aussie goalkeeper has Olympic dream revived

Australian goalkeeper Danny Vukovic had his suspension for making contact with a match referee reduced from nine months to six months, clearing the way for him to play in the Olympics. For those of you who forgot, Vukovic was suspended for striking the arm of a referee after the referee missed a blatant handball in the penalty area that would have given Vukovic’s team a chance to equalize late in the Australian League final.The contact, which amounted to a forceful high five, never deserved a lengthy suspension and certainly didn’t deserve to cost Vukovic the Olympics.

Here is the video of the incident:


Boca, Atlas reach Libertadores Round of 16

Defending champions Boca Juniors and Mexican power Atlas advance to the Copa Libertadores Round of 16 on Tuesday night. Boca advanced with its win against Maracaibo, and thanks in part to Atlas tying Chilean champions Colo Colo, 1-1.


  1. KPUGS: SHUT UP. I’ve nearly stopped reading comments for fear of running across one of you many silly, idiotic, and annoying posts.

  2. Oh by the way assault is overboard on that. If they called that assault then we’d see red cars fly every game. Because players always tap each other on the side of the face during the game.

  3. Yes they sent a message, don’t give the ref a high five like a lil kid would. And then run away, it was probably the running away part and acting like an idiot that did the most damage.

  4. Kingsnake, nobody is saying that he should not have been sent off. Yes, the guy touched the ref in an unwelcome manner and deserved the red. A red card has him miss the rest of the match he was playing and the match that follows. However, a 9 month ban for that is a bit ridiculous. The 6 month ban he got it reduced to is also ridiculous. I guess they just wanted to send a message.

  5. Ives,

    Have you heard anything about friendlies or pre-tournament action for the US Olympic team? Seem to have heard something about them playing in Europe before the Olympics, but don’t know if there’s any truth to that. Thanks!

  6. 1) There is no such foul as “handball”. It is deliberate handling — and important distinction. 2) A player has a right to play, not touch the referee in *any* unwelcome manner. He committed assault, pure & simple, and that is a sending off offense.

  7. Potatoes/Potatoes; Tomatoes/Tomatoes Let’s call the whole thing off! (Hmm… doesn’t really have the same effect in print)

    Ronny should probably suck it up and realize that only lunatic owners (or Roman Abramovich) would pay 30 million for him. If Red Bulls paid that much I would gag (but of course attend every game).

  8. I agree that a player should never put his hands on a ref, but the suspension he got for that is ridiculous. A red card was more than enough punishment.

  9. @kpugs –

    Goalkeeper = Goalie or keeper depending on how you feel like abbreviating the word. From the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of “goalie” is defined only as

    “goalkeeper” and when you look up “goalkeeper” the definition is: “a player who defends the goal in any of various games (as hockey, lacrosse, or soccer)”.

    Please stop making your pointless comment, “Goalies play hockey, he’s a keeper,” every time people abbreviate differently.

    Thank you.

  10. Marca is reporting that the Italian press is reporting (dizzying…) that Milan is offering more than 20mil Euros for Ronaldinho -and- Zambrotta, while Barca wants 50+.

  11. If im redbull with a new stadium next year i blow the ac milan offer out of water , say 25 million euro for Ronaldinho = Midfield/Cam problem solved Money in the bank, and he can party in the city that never sleeps!

  12. I always laugh about the goalie thing. It was as if a 7 yr old was trying to be funny and give the ref a high five. Thats what I see in it, just a high five. Those who gave the guy a 9 or 6 month suspension need to have their heads examined.


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