My Amado Guevara piece on

My Amado Guevara piece on

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My Amado Guevara piece on



For those of you who haven’t seen it, here is my piece on Toronto FC’s recent acquisition of Amado Guevara. While my column is pretty balanced, presenting both the risks and potential rewards of the signing, I think I’ve made it clear that I like the signing for Toronto.

To get a player of Guevara’s quality for the price they got him for is a steal and for all of Toronto FC’s troubles early this year I think the supporting cast in place could be ideal to play to Guevara’s strengths.

It all hinges on Guevara’s maturity. He has an experienced coach in John Carver to play for and if that relationship works and if Guevara has grown the way sources tell me he has, then Guevara will flourish in Toronto.

Toronto FC fans should be happy. With Laurent Robert on board, Guevara set to make his debut, and Toronto announcing the signing of Rohan Ricketts today, TFC looks poised to turn things around after a rough first two matches.

Give the column a read and share your thoughts on it and the Guevara acquisition in the comments section below.

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