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New England at FC Dallas: Your Running Commentary


The New England Revolution travel to Texas tonight to take on the red-hot Hoops of FC Dallas.

The Revs come into the match severely short-handed, with injuries and Mauricio Castro’s suspension costing the Revs as many as six starters. How hurt is New England? None other than Gary "Red Sox Nation" Flood is in the starting lineup tonight.

FC Dallas comes in off an impressive 2-0 road win at Chivas USA and will look to maintain its unbeaten record behind the attacking prowess of Kenny Cooper and Arturo Alvarez.

Tonight’s match is set for 8:30pm on ESPN2. If you will be watching the match, or following online, please feel free to follow it here. Share your thoughts, opinions and play by play on the match in the comments setion below.

Enjoy what should be a wide-open match.


  1. Great gutsy win by the Revs. To go on the road against an undefeated team without six regular starters and win is a real tribute to the Coach and the character of the players. Well Done Revs.

  2. Trivia question:

    What team on average has been the most talented (on paper) and underachieving team in the history of MLS?

  3. What is the deal with Dallas fans — 10K?! Isn’t that the second week in a row its been around that number? I don’t understand why a city with a strong team and their own SSS is having such a hard time with bringing out the fans.

  4. Lmao@Casey’s brutal honesty.

    Man, that game was a snoozer. I don’t think it helps though that Dellacamera and Harkes are the two most boring soccer commentators ive heard in a while. At this rate id rather have bretos and sullivan on espn. I mean cmon ESPN, is it really that hard to find someone who knows the game well AND has some kind of enthusiasm? I almost dozed off. Same with last week’s game, and it was better than this weeks.

  5. Alright, I think fans throwing stuff on the field is getting a little old. I understand throwing streamers after a goal, but throwing them at players/onto the field every 5 minutes is a bit unnecessary and annoying.

  6. Holy crap, I thought that Riccetti shot was in, that would have been quite the equalizer.

    Khano Smith is way better than Gordon, he at least makes some decent runs and crosses (6 assists last year), and makes you play defense on him before he screws up. I don’t see Gordon ever creating anything, and is capable of screwing up even more.

  7. Hahahahaha Jacob I knew that would happen cuz I too have been tearing Khano Smith apart all night, well ok all his MLS career. I too wondered if he is the least skilled started in the league, great athlete but always terrible touch, terrible balls, but apparently a hell of a worm-burner shot…

  8. What was Sala doing on that Khano Smith goal? Slowest…shot…ever…but it looked like Sala thought it was going out of play. Anyway, looks like Smith is trying to prove he is indeed better than Gordon.

  9. Dallas does not look good going forward, and they have allowed some decent chances to New England. Hopefully FCD can pick it up on offense in the seceond half. That should take care of the defensive difficulties by relieving the the pressure on the back three. And I being an FCD fan am constantly disappointed with the lack of support.

  10. Pretty good game so far.

    Here’s a poll for you: Who is worse? Kano Smith or Alan Gordon? I think it’s pretty close, but Gordon probably manages to be just a little bit worse.

  11. I’m disappointed with two things:

    1) the attendance – there are what, like 10 people behind Reis’s goal?

    2) Toja got his haircut. Bye bye Nigel Tuffnel.

  12. looks like no one is there, for all the mls numbers being better i think a few places are keeping all the other numbers inflated. And dallas is in first and cant draw people


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