A Supporter's View: FC Dallas

A Supporter's View: FC Dallas

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A Supporter's View: FC Dallas



Father’s Day is still three months away but FC Dallas fans are already getting tired of ties.

For the second straight week the Hoops had victory in their grasp only to watch a late equalizer spoiler the party.

The FC Dallas attack has looked amazing through two weeks but the defense has left its fans pining for the days of Clarence Goodson (okay, maybe not).

SBI Correspondent Casey Corcoran took in the action and provides his view on the team’s second tie and second blown lead ( (Feel free to provide your reaction to Casey’s piece in the comments section below):

Hoops deal with dropped points yet again

By Casey Corcoran

It is a normal thing these days for Dallas sports fans.  In fact, one comes to expect it.  One might say there is an aura surrounding the team.  Usually it is an aura of invincibility.  We Dallasites have oddly taken a different approach to auras.  For one reason or another, we have donned the aura of lost possibilities.  This aura should be copywrited.

No one has the market cornered on lost possibilities like two franchises based in the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex.  One plays in the National Basketball Association, the other in Major League Soccer.  I would write about both franchises, but my patience and sanity only take me so far, so let us focus on Football Club Dallas.

This past Sunday FC Dallas went down I-45 to play the Houston Dynamo.  Playing in the greater Houston area has not been kind to FC Dallas, so unkind in fact that FCD had yet to earn even a point.  So, adding that to the magnificent aura of lost possibilities FCD has and you have a bleak situation.

The game started like usual with some decent back and forth action.  The two teams stuck to script perfectly, with Houston nabbing the first goal from a cross in to the box.  The play was only a bit unusual for an FCD fan.  The marking was horrible, but that did not ultimately lead to the goal.  Oddly, two Houston players jumped for the ball directly next to each other, with Brian Ching unintentionally boxing out Dario Sala from reaching the ball.  Franco Caraccio put his head on the ball for the goal.  This is odd only because it was unlucky.  Yes, they were unmarked, but circumstance seemed to contribute more than folly.

So there it is, 1-0 for the home team.  This is where the game begins to get a bit loopy.  A nice pass from Andre Rocha fourteen minutes later leads to a cheeky little lob from Kenny Cooper and the game is tied.  I am suddenly intrigued.  Ten minutes later, some wonder work from Arturo Alvarez and Juan Toja lead to another Kenny Cooper goal.  This is where the different part comes in to play.  This team is different.

The youth is there, the hustle is there, and now, there is even some attacking flair.  The aura even looks different.  It seems the same, but it is off just a tad.  I know this from the resulting two goals.  First, sloppier defense leads to another goal.  A cross from the corner is put in the net off of Drew Moor.  Granted, if it did not end up being put in by Moor, whoever Moor had marked probably would have scored.  The next minute, Arturo Alvarez jailbreaks through the Houston backline for his first goal of the season.

So, the next 30 or so minutes are spent with Houston attacking the Dallas goal.  Two times FCD can seal the deal on breaks and fail.  But even then, that feeling of “we got this” came over me.  I just thought that, even with FCD wasting chances, Houston would not come through.  Well, déjà vu.  Geoff Cameron picks up a meandering ball and scorches it in to the back of the net in the 91st minute.  I should have known.  It was the same story… only different.

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