A Supporter's View: The Kansas City Wizards

A Supporter's View: The Kansas City Wizards

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A Supporter's View: The Kansas City Wizards



It’s a good time to be  Kansas City Wizards fan. The Wizards are 2-0, a stadium project is on the way, the team’s new ownership group is spending money (exhibit A: Claudio Lopez) and even the team’s new temporary home is drawing rave reviews among KC fans for the atmosphere.

So pardon Wizards fans for gloating a bit. Not since 2000 have Kansas City fans had this much reason to feel good and things might only get better. With D.C. United and New England facing loaded schedules, the Wizards just might sneak in and take the Eastern Conference.

SBI correspondent Mike Cross is caught up in the euphoria. He was at Community America Ballpark with the rest of the fortunate KC fans who watched Scott Sealy deliver a game-winner and keep the Wizards perfect. here is his take on the festivities ((Feel free to provide your reaction to Mike’s piece in the comments section below):

Believe it KC fans, the Wizards are for real

By Mike Cross

I think a lot of Wizard’s fans spent most of the off season feeling like we were at a party listening to a guy tell a joke and we were the only ones in the room who got it.  We looked around at the various moves the organization was making and thought, you know this stuff might just work!  But everywhere we turned we heard people around the league doubting us.  No matter how confident you were that the team was doing the right things you were left with a seed of doubt in the back of your mind.

One of the moves we liked the most was the one out of Arrowhead Stadium.  Unless you’re Manchester United it’s just too big.  Even at last year’s Galaxy game with somewhere north of 30k in the stadium it still felt more like a wine and cheese party than a sporting event.  Well that’s all changed now, removing one of those doubts.

The move to the CAB (Community America Ballpark) has brought a whole new vibe to going to a game.  The Cauldron has been exceptional and have injected the kind of life into the games that before we’d have to watch an EPL game or go to Toronto to get.  It’s not up to the Standards of Arrowhead (Chiefs) at its best or Kaufman (Royals) back in the day, but it’s a pretty good start.  By the time Hillcrest Road opens up in a couple of years we could have the makings of something pretty special. 

Saturday was no exception for the Cauldron, they got the place rocking and when Trujillo and Sealy waded into the section after goals you get the feeling of a new tradition being born.  Sort of our own Lambeau leap. 

Once again you better not be late getting back to your seat after halftime.  That’s when things really get rocking at the CAB.  It almost seems like the boys wait until there in front of the Cauldron before they turn on the goals.  Just a couple of things I’d like to mention on the game.  What can you say about Jimmy, the captain comes through anyway he has to.  To me though a couple of things really stood out, Marinelli was strong on the ball and brilliant on the set pieces.  He’s starting to show the promise he teased us with last year.  And can I just say Jonathan Leathers is the man.  It may just take a bulldozer to get him out of that right back spot.

My favorite part of the match though came on a comment from Rapids Assistant Coach John Murphy.  My seats are right by the visiting team bench and several of my Wizard fan compatriots were getting on Christian Gomez quite a bit.  To the point that Gomez was wagging his finger at us after every goal as he lead the Rapids back from two goals down to tie the game.  After the second goal Murphy turned to us and said, “He only knows three words of English and unfortunately for you, you’ve used all three.”

Classic!  And great heart shown by Gomez in a losing effort.

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