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This weekend’s soccer on TV


If you are a fan of Serie A, or have spent months waiting for the Man U-Arsenal showdown, this is the weekend for you.

Three juicy Serie A match-ups highlight a good week of action that also includes Manchester United and Arsenal meeting in a match that was supposed to be for the EPL title before Arsenal collapsed and Chelsea rose to prominence. Now Arsenal is essentially playing for pride while Man U looks to hold off Chelsea’s late charge.

Here are the Top Five games to watch this weekend on TV:

  • Arsenal at Manchester United– Expect both teams to attack in what could be one of the games of the year.
  • Fiorentina at Inter Milan– Each team needs this win and you need to watch.
  • AC Milan at Juventus– Not the important match we would have figured last fall, but still worth watching. Milan’s last gasp for a Champions League place.
  • AS Roma at Udinese– Roma can close the gap with Inter while Udinese could pull past AC Milan for fifth if things break right.
  • Chicago Fire at San Jose Earthquakes– The Earthquakes are back and get to face Blanco in their debut.

Here is the rest of the weekend’s soccer on TV:


9:30am- GolTV- Duisburg at Hamburg

10am- FSC- Fulham at Reading

10am- Setanta USA- Middlesbrough at Tottenham

11:30am- GolTV- Schalke 04 at Werder Bremen

Noon- FSC- Newcastle at Portsmouth

12:15pm- Setanta USA- Watford at West Bromwich Albion

2pm- GolTV- Racing de Santander at Valencia

2:30pm- FSC- AC Milan at Juventus

4pm- GolTV- Barcelona at Recreativo Huelva

4:30pm- FSC- Chicago Fire at San Jose Earthquakes

4:30pm- Setanta USA- Manchester City at Sunderland

6:15pm- Setanta USA- Aston Villa at Derby County

8pm- FSC- Catania at Palermo

10pm- GolTV- Once Caldas at Deportivo Cali


8:30am- Setanta USA- Blackburn at Liverpool

9am- FSC- AS Roma at Udinese

11am- FSC- Arsenal at Manchester United

11am- GolTV- Borussia Dortmund at Bayern Munich

Noon- Setanta USA- Caen at Bordeaux

1pm- GolTV- Murcia at Real Madrid

2:30pm- FSC- Fiorentina at Inter Milan

3pm- GolTV- Villarreal at Almeria

3pm- Setanta USA- Nice vs. Paris St. Germain

5pm- FSC- Boca Juniors at Gimnasia

5pm- Setanta USA- Twente Enschede at PSV Eindhoven

5pm- GolTV- Atletico Madrid at Valladolid

7pm- GolTV- Chico at Millonarios


  1. what about Guadalajara vs. América Sunday night at 8:30 PM on Telefutura? I’m not the biggest Mexican League fan, but I do love rivalry games from any league.

  2. A.S. while you’re right about ManU and Chelsea possibly dropping points, Arsenal’s squad is stretched very thin with injuries. Add to that the fact that the defense has been shoddy lately, and I just don’t see them pulling out of this slump without Sagna and Flamini (unfortunately, it could be a hell of a finish to the EPL season if Arsenal suddenly started playing like they did at the beginning of the season)

  3. No sh!te, Man U – Arse on FSC?!? I didn’t dare to check, usually Setanta has these biggies.

    I know it’s much more popular to call all of Serie A a bunch of whiners and divers, but it’s been fantastic this year, and this might be the biggest weekend yet, with 6 of the top 7 teams playing each other, all on FSC.

  4. “Now Arsenal is essentially playing for pride while Man U looks to hold off Chelsea’s late charge.”


    If Arsenal win, they’ll only be 3 points back with 4 left to play, including matches at Blackburn and at Chelsea, while Chelsea still have to play at Everton as well as the home match against ManU. It’s conceivable that ManU and Chelsea can drop points in all those matches.

    Based on their recent form, Arsenal have no chance at the league. But if they somehow regain their form, it isn’t completely out of the question.

  5. Dave, I’ll be watching Fulham-won’tbeAmericamuchlonger with you.

    Ives, any insight into why Adu can’t get playing time now? Did the Olympic qualifying hurt him that much with the new coach?

  6. Ives, I detect an anti-Chicago bias in your bit about the SJ-Chi match. “Get to face Blanco”??? As if it’s some sort of walk in the park for the Quakes!!! You didn’t even call Blanco and ask for his opinion, did you? Shoddy reporting! I’m outraged.


  7. What about the TFC v Galaxy game.


    wynne-tebily (i hope)-james-brennan





    what a great midfield we have all the sudden. i see lots of goals in this one!


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