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Toronto FC at Los Angeles Galaxy: Your Running Commentary

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The Los Angeles Galaxy plays host to Toronto FC today hoping to post a second straight home victory while TFC looks to register its first points of the season.

Toronto should welcome new addition Amado Guevara, who is expected to play in today’s match. TFC will need his playmaking ability to help energize an attack that has mustered just one goal in two games so far this season.

The Galaxy defense will look to make it two shutouts in a row after that season-opening thrashing against Colorado. Rookie Sean Franklin looked every bit the standout he was expected to be as a first-round draft pick for the Galaxy.

Today’s match is on Telefutura, and even if you don’t know Spanish it should still be entertaining to watch (neutrals might prefer the Fiorentina-Inter Milan match but if you are an MLS fan it will be worth watching).


  1. BGNEWF, I think Toronto is underrated. Having said that, the Galaxy are just plain awful. I’m not going to big up Toronto for beating a god-awful team with a last-minute goal. Having said that, I think Toronto have quality. Just not going to congratulate them for beating a team with three guys on it.

    Geoff…I agree. I think you responded to the wrong guy, I didn’t say a word about the weather. All I said was L.A. brought this upon themselves by hiring a complete moron in Lalas and spending their money on 3 players.

    I agree on weather, having been to basically every home game, ever, at Giants stadium. Some great hurricane-esque games. Those are the best because you can say really, really awful things to the opposing team that you can’t say when kids are around.

  2. Well Joe, I think you’re argument is flawed in that Toronto fans have shown up for the last year ALL the time. In that time, the product they’ve put out on the field has been arguably worse than the galaxy’s. So I think the product is there, I just feel whether it be poor marketing, or a general lack of passion for the game, LA fans don’t seem very devoted.

  3. kpugs,

    As long as the weather conditions don’t inhibit your ability to travel to and from the game, bad weather is not a good excuse for people not to show up to a game! It just shows the lack of passion that LA fans have for their footy. If there was a below-freezing game in Toronto for example, I would expect there to be about 95% of the fans to still show up. We TFC supporters have a genuine caring for our team, where as most LA supporters just want to see Posh spice in the stands and get Becks’ autograph after 90 mins. Great game today though!

  4. Joe…idiot. As long as it does not exceed the amount of tickets sold, they can announce whatever attendance they want.

    And, unfortunately, tickets sold are all that matters to some teams. They are not creating these numbers out of thin air you moron. AND IF IT’S 102 DEGREES HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU THINK ARE GOING TO SHOW UP, holy crap I can’t believe how simple some people are.

    It still boggles my mind how so many ignorant retards have become contributors to the blog. I am actually glad for it, I want as much exposure as possible. But at the same time it is unreal how many people just lack an elementary understanding of soccer, or how a league works. In fact I wish some of these people would take a step back and realize how little they know.

    For the record, both of these teams can suck it, I’m a RBNY fan. But ignorance really, really pains me, and it’s abundant here.

  5. Matt…

    Whatever. You weren’t there. I was. The previous commenters who were also at the game were in the same ballpark as I am: It was easily 15K-20K. All of the shady spots were packed and the entire upper deck was packed. It was HOT in the sun, over 90, so most people got out of it.

    None of that has anything to do with Becks and his ability to either play or draw, of course. You would declare the Becks Experiment to be dead based on one regular season game and 3 preseason games?

    I am totally glad you don’t work as a policy analyst anywhere near public policy decision-making. You would probably give us the Los Angeles public transit system and we all know how well THAT works. Or, wait, maybe you work in the Bush Administration. It would explain a lot…

  6. So no credit for TFC at all?

    Sutton was excellent for the second game in a row. Robert & Guevara looked solid in the midfield and Dichio and Cunningham parleyed theur only chances into goals.

    We have five games in a row at BMO Field and might go on a nice run here. Believe me MLS, BMO will be a fortress this year. You will not want to play there.

  7. Beckhams drawing power is pathetic? My god soccer fanboys over react like freakin children.

    We all not know this was at 12:00 as well right? Its just a stupid time to be playing.

    And people who WERE AT THE GAME say there was 20,000 in attendance. If you watched the game on TV you shouldn’t be saying anything.

  8. The terrifying thing is that without Beckham/Donovan/Ruiz, we’re basically a extremely poorly built expansion team. I’d take San Jose’s roster over what we have here.

  9. Blake…they WOULD be on a team that isn’t filled with jokers, if they hadn’t gotten Ruiz.

    This is their own fault, they are run by a total idiot in Lalas. Even with SPECIAL TREATMENT from the league, they are still a joke.

  10. Yeah…it’s pretty true. I wish Becks and Landy could be on a team that isn’t otherwise filled with jokers. THAT would be good for MLS.

  11. Lord this team sucks. What’s funny is that the 15,000 fans at the Home Depot Center today pretty easily beats the average attendance of every team in MLS besides toronto.

  12. I was there too. Definitely 20k.

    People went to the shade to stay out of the sun. The upper deck and shady side (non TV side) were packed.

  13. Vanney = VAN(ney)

    just the stupid red card was missing to equal X(aviers) performance vs Colorado.

    Toronto was lethal (or at least the convert what was served them on a plate)

  14. The Cunningham goal was rife with irony, since he arguably committed the exact same foul that he flopped on. I couldn’t tell if Vanney fell over intentionally trying to get the call, or if he’s just that weak.

    I was vaguely going for the Gals since them being lousy is bad for MLS, but I was glad it wasn’t a foul even if it was a push. I’d rather see a game won with a goal hard fought for than preserve a tie on a call.

  15. There were 5000 people in the Home Depot Center MAX. MLS & Don Garber lie about Attendance more than George W. Bush Lies about the Iraq War


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