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Toronto FC signs Amado Guevara


Toronto FC has landed its playmaker.

TFC has signed Amado Guevara, completing the final detals of the deal on Wednesday. The Honduran midfielder is expected join Toronto in Carson,California for Sunday’s match at Home Depot Center. Guevara has signed a multi-year deal with only the first year guaranteed.

Toronto traded undisclosed draft picks in 2009 and 2010 for the rights to Guevara, who left MLS early in the 2007 season after a falling out with Chivas USA coach Preki and after rejecting an initial trade to Toronto.

As first reported by SBI three weeks ago, Toronto FC targeted Guevara as the club’s top playmaking midfield target more than a month ago and spent several weeks working on a deal to lure the Honduran national team captain back to MLS. After securing his release from CD Motagua, Guevara was clear to complete a new contract with MLS less than four months after his previous deal with MLS had run out (he spent the final portion of his MLS contract on loan to Motagua).

With Guevara now in place, Toronto boasts one of the best central midfielders in MLS with Guevara, Maurice Edu and Carl Robinson expected to partner in a 4-5-1 formation.

Is signing Guevara a good move? That depends on which Amado Guevara shows up. If it is the hard-working star who earned MLS MVP honors in 2004, then Toronto has itself a steal. If it is the petulant playmaker who played his way out of Chivas USA then Toronto could be in big trouble.

Guevara won’t lack for motivation, playing in packed houses at BMO Field for the most well-supported club in MLS. He was a fan favorite for the Red Bulls/MetroStars and just might find his MVP form if he becomes the darling of the fans at BMO Field.

Those wondering whether Guevara can still play need only consider his form in the past year with the Honduran national team and his efforts in leading Motagua through a successful season during his recent time with the club.

What do you think of Toronto’s signing of Guevara? Like it? Love it? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Hey let’s not play the Goff vrs Ives game…we all know the SBI mafia is much cooler 😉

    If your a Toronto fan, you have to be psyched. Moe knows Amado better than anyone; Amado is going to play like he’s got something to prove after leaving the league on such a bad note…

  2. I remember Goff’s sources were originally saying that this chances this deal getting done was remote about a month ago when Ives first reported it and said it would get done.

  3. Pwned – ragging on Ives or Goff is like the old Beer vs Nachos debate…it’s not Beer OR Nachos, it’s Beer AND Nachos.

  4. Future considerations are generally clauses that activate upon certain conditions being met (ie appearances). If Guevara melts down and Toronto dumps him early then they’ll only owe CUSA a late round or supplemental pick (for example). If Guevara is a model citizen and returns to his MVP form, then Toronto will owe CUSA a high draft pick or two.

  5. What does Toronto have to loose? They are already the worst team in the league. This deal is well worth the risk. Most MLS teams would take the chance to have such a talented midfield with such potential. Well done Mo!

  6. The Hurricane that is Toronto has officially been upgraded from a catagory 2 to a Catagory 4!! This shall serve as notice to the rest of the teams to batten down the hatches, and move to higher ground because the forcast calls for gale force winds and a flood of goooaaals!!!!!!!!

    Playoffs here we come!!!

  7. the draft picks will likely be 3rd or 4th round picks according to a little hint the TFC business manager made on another message board.

  8. Wonder what his salary will be with Toronto. Why the change to get this guy back. Toronto traded 2009 and 2010 picks for this guy. He didn’t want to play for Toronto, now he dows, sort of doesn’t make sense. But hey I guess everyone needs a second chance but geez that was very unprofessional.

  9. Hey, I thought Steve Goff said Amado wasn’t going to Toronto? Didn’t he try to shoot down Ives first story about Amado going to Toronto? D’oh

  10. I can’t wait to see him work with Laurent Robert. Robert had a pretty fine game and far and away better than anyone on the pitch last week. But Robert needed another attacking player in the midfield to take some heat off of him. This is the guy.

  11. I think Amado will do well. He’ll enjoy playing for the Toronto fans, he’s the only big fish in that pond, and he wants to prove a few things.

    A motivated Amado is a good player, one of the better midfielders in the league.

  12. by the way is there a questions section somewhere so your not blurting in on other threads with non related questions?

  13. I like this signing for Toronto. Amado is still a very good player and may help make Toronto better than they currently are. It will however be even more fun for the Red Bulls to beat TFC this year. Amado is a ticking time bomb hopefully they get a few games out of him before he explodes.

  14. I think Cunny and Samuel have alot to prove here and one is prob going to be traded or put on waivers, the other will have a short chance but is likely to be traded or let go for room for a DP (im not kidding, MLSE has given the green light, just gotta find the right fit).


    Thanks for the quick response.

    Would chivas get both our picks that we currently have (we also have San Joses from the Ronnie O trade) or just ours?

  15. Interesting. I was always of a fan of his play. I still think Toronto would be better of letting Robinson go, and using all that cash on someone with skill, but what are you gonna do. If they roll with a 4-5-1, you gotta think they are on the verge of getting rid of either Dichio, Cunningham or Samuel, no need for 3 int spots to be used on forwards if you only play with one. Plus they still have Lombardo as a dev.

  16. I like the shining â™ mocu more now, now that you tell us Ives that only the first year of the contract is guaranteed. At the very worst this is a horrible millstone that is around TFC’s neck for only 1 season, at best he is an MVP quality player that finally gives us significant attacking midfield options in concert with Laurent Robert.

    Welcome to Canada Armando!

  17. Toronto traded conditional draft picks to Chivas USA for his rights. That is what I have been told.

    As for the round, I believe that’s tied to Guevara’s performance.

  18. Hey Ives,

    so we signed Guevara officially now but we traded ‘ Toronto FC has traded future considerations in the 2009 and 2010 MLS SuperDraft to Chivas USA’.

    What does that mean?


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