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Twellman to have surgery, Ralston also sidelined


New England Revolution forward Taylor Twellman’s unhappy year got a touch more miserable this week as test revealed that Twellman will need arthroscopic knee surgery on his right knee to repair a torn medial meniscus suffered during training. The surgery could sideline him between four to six weeks.

The Revs will also be without midfielder Steve Ralston, who suffered a dislocated shoulder in the second half of New England’s 3-0 win against Houston on Saturday. He is also expected to miss extended time. Just how long will be determined by an examination on Wednesday.

The injuries put a damper on the Revs impressive start to the current season and cuts deeply into the modest depth New England was enjoying.

New England travels to Chicago to play the Fire at Toyota Park on Thursday (ESPN2, 7:30pm).


  1. the hate you are refering to is simply sports hate, not personal… i can promise that noone on these boards (cept ives) truely knows the guy personally….

    some of us dont mind seeing him injured b/c we dont like seeing him on the pitch… some actually wish harm to get it done (as i pointed out im not one of them, just enjoying the ride now)…. but all of these people are the ones really disappointed that Twellman didnt go to PNE…

    i only see him on the field and i cant stand him… as i already stated, its a combination of national failure and bitter fire fan….

  2. brett:

    I HAVE heard the talk about Twellman before. Every time he plays on the national team it’s non stop. What I meant, and I think at least some of the other people meant, was the more personal hate. Not the sports talk kind of hate like “Oh, I hate that guy!”. We were referring to stuff that actually seemed like people wanting him to be hurt in some way.

  3. aristotle- thanks for the spelling correction… yes that is what i meant 😀

    never said you were dumb, just that i was surprised how so many people are not informed how a large portion of fans that arent rev fans feel toward Tightshirt.. this isnt some hidden or minor thought, its voiced out quite a bit… just caught me off guard

    yes, if you checkout and you’d get a better understanding (assuming you look in the twellman threads), not sure what is 😛

    i could go on a rant about landycakes as well or how rossi isnt a yank, but im sure you’ve heard them all by now 😀

  4. Brett:

    Thanks for the enlightening post.

    Let’s summarize.

    We’re dumb for not understanding or knowing why Twellman is hated.

    We should checkout and the US and YanksAbroad forums for more hatred of him and to have a better understanding.

    He’s a tool.

    He wears a tight shirt.

    You especially can’t stand him because of his ‘mediocracy” on the national side. So Taylor Twellman rules the national side? I’ll assume you meant mediocrity.

    Thanks for clearing that up. 🙂

  5. i cant believe that there are this many people who dont understand where all the hate for Tightshirt comes from… clearly you people never go to and check out the US and YanksAbroad forums…

    Tightshirt is a tool… dont know him personally, for all i know he may be down to earth… but on the pitch i cant stand him… especially with all him mediocracy on the national side, fueled with my hatred for the Revs in general… call me a bitter fire fan all you want, but i dont mind seeing tightshirt on the sidelines

    that being said, i did have Tightshirt on my fantasy league, which i quickly changed, and now i think my team is actually stronger O.o (more depth)

    this should help the fire on thursday, but im in no way counting the revs out this season… their pickups on the offseason were questionable but seemed to pan out quite nicely against Houston…. its definately going to be a tough game to win on thursday

  6. As a nominal Revs fan, I too am surprised by the amount of hate for Twellman – sure he has his annoying habits, but he’s not Carlos Ruiz (or Jay Heaps) out there!

    That said, I agree with others this isn’t as bad a scenario as it would have been for the Revs in years past. Both guys should be back by summertime when the schedule gets more packed and we need the depth, and this gives us a chance to see if the younger guys/new additions have what it takes for MLS. I’m hoping for a repeat performance from Nyassi/Mansally and Castro looking more comfortable in the A-mid spot as he practices with his teammates on Thursday. (Cristman is what he is, which is a poor man’s Twellman who’s great as a late sub/hard-working poacher, but he’s never going to develop into a quality striker.)

  7. Zoinks. I had no idea there was a lot of dislike for Twellman. Always seemed like a hardworking chap, even if he’s been a little limited for the Nats. Certainly he’s scored a bunch of big goals for the Revs.

    It was definitely unfortunate to see Ralston get hurt. Good player, clearly respected by the team, and with a lot to contribute, starting with the Revs first goal of the season. He looked in a pretty good amount of pain as they walked past us. Understandable, since the shoulder didn’t looke like it had been reduced yet and was just being held up by the team doctor.

    Hopefully a speedy recovery to them both.

  8. aristotle, I believe that much of the hate for Twellman is because people love to make fun of him for being kind of gay.

  9. As a Revs fan, I see this causing some issues in the short term, but long term, this is going to be good for the Revs. Now, Cristman, Mansally, Nyassi, and Castro have to stay on the pitch utnil these two come back. Revs will miss Ralston’s leadership, but Joseph was captain before and never should have been stripped of the arm band, so that’s not an issue.

    The only worry is what to do at central mid. If its Castro, Khano Smith is an option on the left, but he’s best off the bench when he can run at tired defenders. Spencer Wadsworth is the only pure attacking-mid left.

  10. I try not to root for or revel in an injury to another team’s player, mostly because I think it’s bad karma for your own team.

    That said, Twellman is top 3 as far as players I can’t stand in MLS (hate is a bit strong). So seeing this injury, plus winning a shirt for making fun of him… well, it’s been a good run lately.

  11. Being happy when someone gets hurt isn’t cool. Hopefully Twellman and Ralston make a quick and full recovery. This year’s team appears to have a lot more depth than some of their previous teams. The Revs recently acquired Costa Rican international striker Fernandez. He, Mansally and Cristman provide options at striker as does Khano Smith (particularly if Castro continues to play well at left mid). Castro and Joseph are center attacking mid options (with Flood moving in to a defensive mid position vacated by Jospeh’s move)and Thompson’s imminent return should provide greater midfield options. They can also switch formations to a 4-4-2 to give Albright more freedom to move up in the attack.

  12. Actually, I don’t think losing Twellman will impact the Revs that much. The team looked better without him and had a lot more shots and shots on goal. The Revs maybe better off not having their attack go through TT this season.

    If Castro fills in at a-mid and Khano (if healthy) comes in as right wing, I think the Revs will still beat Chicago.

  13. Time to pick up Christman, Mansally and Nyassi for those who haven’t yet.

    Twellman and Ralston are injured for an extended time and I’m talking about the SBI fantasy league. Is that wrong?


    fire will definately have their hands full even without the two…. but this is great news 😀


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