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D.C. United at Toronto FC: Your Running Commentary


The heat is officially on.

D.C. United head to BMO Field in Toronto tonight desparately needing a victory to stop a terrible losing skid, and possibly to keep their manager from being fired.

Tom Soehn insists that his team is is ready to turn things around and will try to do what no team has done all year, win at BMO Field. Toronto FC needs a win as well. After drawing in its past two home games, TFC needs three points tonight to keep pace in the East.

If you will be watching the match please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Ok, other than the late arrival thing and the (I must admit) slug fest on the skating rink otherwise disguised as astro turf, it was a great night for atmosphere in the stands.

    Week night kept the slim number of families at home, the rain kept everybody standing, and it all around was just fun to be there.

  2. HAHA no worries Rob.

    I spose it doesnt help that my comment was ambigious as all hell. Im sure youd like to see us beat DC on saturday as much as we would. FIngers crossed.

  3. Haha wow total miscommunication there. I’m a Red Bulls supporter and thought you were a DC supporter. I’m still somewhat bitter that Angel didn’t win either award last year when it’s clear he deserved either one.

    My fault. and for what it’s worth, I love watching TFC play when I can, especially when they’re at home. Great atmosphere. Something most of us here in NY envy greatly.

  4. Toronto FC can thank the artificial turf for that goal. Dickio’s toe poke only goes a couple of yds on actual grass and no goal. Whatever, glad to see DC lose again.

  5. Uh, Rob, Im a TFC supporter, i could care less about Emilio and its unfortunate youve spent your dp slot on him. Im more interested in getting a proper striker for TFC.

  6. Mental Youth –

    Not so high on Emilio anymore? He wasn’t a “proper striker” last year when he flat-out stole the MVP AND Newcomer of the Year Awards from Juan Pablo Angel, clearly a classier forward and more fitting of the “proper striker” title.

    All I saw were highlights of the game last night and it looked like a borefest. Neither team had many great chances and Dichio’s goal was horrendous. Nice job McTavish and Zach Wells. Maybe playing on Wednesday night had something to do with the poor quality, but man that looked like a bad game to watch…though I’m sure the TFC supporters kept the atmosphere great all night.

  7. Definitely one of our most ugly games this season, thought everyone (including TFC) looked like garbage, we just happened to look like less garbage. Is that even english?

    Regardless the match on saturday is going to be a grudge match and its a shame we cant get a proper striker in time. Im a little worried about saturday regardless of how DC looked last night (quite curious to see what others thought, provided they are unbiased).

  8. What better way for Arena to come back MLS than to return to D.C. United where he started his MLS career?

    Oh, that’s right nearly everyone hates him and thinks his whole career was an illusion or about 15 years of luck.

    Regardless, I think he was seething with anger (and I don’t blame him) the whole time he was coaching N.Y.R.B., but may now be ready to focus on coaching and start another “luck” streak.

  9. Lots of late comers to BMO FIeld tonight Ives…Kanye West concert next door, Blue Jays game next door, Toronto Marlies AHL Hockey playoff game next door….All these things kept the ground from being completely full early. Was in the south end and it was completely full. Dichio looked strong and the TFC goaltending and defense was as good as they have ever been.

    Bruce Arena is looking for a job I hear… Maybe an opening other than Dallas will be opening up soon.

  10. Unfortunately for a few of us coming from the downtown core it was a tranaportation nightmare.

    I got there around 20 minutes into the first half. I didn’t really find the stadium looked full until after half time.

  11. Ugghh…bad, slow ugly soccer played predominately in the mid-field on that wretched looking surface (it looks like an ice rink under the lights on TV). Only caught the last 20 minutes but it looks like I didn’t miss much. From what I saw it didn’t look like either team could string many passes together, especially with the turf moving the ball more quickly than the seemingly sluggish pace of the players, especially DC United’s forwards. Even TFC’s crowd looked relatively sparse for them (though I’m sure most clubs would love a stadium that full). That’s what you get for playing on a Wednesday night the day of the UEFA Champions League final. United’s frustration looks like it’s hitting the boiling point.

  12. You could watch Copa Libertadores instead…it’s two Brazilian teams. Sao Paolo and Fluminense. Adriano is playing.

  13. is it me or DC look slow out there, i think besides 2 or 3 players every one else is in the 30’s that cant be a good thing.

  14. Dominick…

    MLS doesn’t care about CONCACAF Champions Cup/League…

    This is scheduled now because of Superliga.


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