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Houston Dynamo at San Jose Earthquakes: Your Running Commentary


The old San Jose Earthquakes (Houston) travel back to San Jose to take on the new Earthquakes in a unique grudge match tonight on ESPN2.

If you will be watching the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Jey, the Revs are entertaining? They are one of the teams that play the least entertaining style — a negative, results-driven style. I won’t argue that they’ve got talent, and that they get results; but entertaining, they’re not.

    Of course, talent by itself CAN be entertaining…

  2. I would blame Guppy for allowing Osorio to run the expansion draft. At that point, he had to know that Osorio was leaving.

  3. This game made me wish the MLS had more players who have creative dribbling skills and are able to use them in games to create opportunities.

    But good ball movement though. The match did get very exciting and entertaining in the end though. Great hustle by San Jose.

  4. Osario let Guerrero go,then left a few weeks later for NY, part of the bad feelings to this day. Guerrero is class.

  5. It picked up pace in the end and was offering some okay football, but it was a little to late. I have just really been disappointed with the Dynamo this season. I live in Houston so its my local team but their play makes me want to move back to New England so I can watch the more entertaining Revs on a regular basis instead of via highlights and gamecast. Can’t wait till the Revs come to town.

  6. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I don’t go into MLS matches expecting too much but I think this match picked up a little and was pretty entertaining at the end. I was flipping through after the Celtics/Pistons game and what I saw was some nice ball movement and energy as some feisty competitiveness at the final whistle. It must not have started out that way but it was entertaining to watch the last half hour or so. Nice finish by Ching.

  7. Ching had a nice goal and Kamara’s was pretty sweet too. Otherwise, well, not so much to watch if you’re not into the W conference.

  8. I have to disagree with Jey – I thought this was one of the more interesting MLS matches I’ve seen this year. San Jose was surprisingly good. Plus, it was fun to watch Johnson awkwardly set up a left footed shot every single time. Reminds me of myself really…

  9. I wish the other news media outlets will air stories like what ESPN just did about PFC Nick Madaras. Most people are just clueless about what our solders do out there in the free time and even on duty. Its not just what u see on the negative news casts.

  10. Maybe MLS was trying to play up the old San Jose vs new San Jose angle when they picked this game for Thursday night. A 10:30 EST start time has got has gotta be killing East coast viewership for a fairly uninteresting match up. I mean it isn’t like David Beckham is playing or anything important like that.

  11. Maybe I am wrong but I swear I just saw the official start a break for San Jose. It was in the 42nd minute and San Jose got a corner kick off the attack. Am I wrong?

  12. Lineups:

    San Jose

    1 Joe Cannon (G)

    3 Nick Garcia (D)

    2 Eric Denton (D)

    5 Ryan Cochrane (D)

    21 Jason Hernandez (D)

    23 Ivan Guerrero (M)

    12 Ramiro Corrales (M)

    7 Ronnie O’Brien (M)

    11 Ned Grabavoy (M)

    14 Ryan Johnson (F)

    16 Kei Kamara (F)


    (G) Pat Onstad 18

    (D) R. Mulrooney 8

    (D) Eddie Robinson 2

    (D) Wade Barrett 24

    (D) Bobby Boswell 32

    (M) Ricardo Clark 13

    (M) Brian Mullan 9

    (M) D. De Rosario 14

    (M) Stuart Holden 22

    (F) Brian Ching 25

    (F) Franco Caraccio 10


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