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Houston Dynamo at Chicago Fire: Your Running


The red-hot Chicago Fire play host to the defending MLS Cup champion Houston Dynamo in what should be a hard-fought game. The Cuauhtemoc Blanco-Ricardo Clark battle should merit the spotlight in this one.

If you are watching the match and will be online, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Busch slipped because he was going for the opposite post and the shot took a deflection. Weather didn’t help, but it happens.

  2. No Petey, as I showed you earlier, it was Vieri. Quit being a pedantic tool- I’ve shown you the quote in a reliable, American news source. You’ve shown me a different quote on a blog.

    Perhaps it’s not your fault… With a name like Petey, which I sincerely hope is not your real name, you can’t entirely be blamed for being a douche.

  3. busch slipped before he dived to save it, it took him too long o recover from the slip. otherwise he would have had it saved.

  4. Not sure how the conditions affected that first goal much, rocket took a bounce off a defender. A W is a W, and both teams have to play on the same pitch. That delayed card on Clark was terrible.

  5. that first dynamo goal would have been avoided if not for terrible conditions. should have been a tie or a win for chicago, o well onto new york n Osario is suspended from that match!

  6. Haha! Blanco finaly gets a yellow for dissent!

    Feel a little bad for Chicago fans – a loss at home they didn’t really deserve – but you can’t say that the Dynamo didn’t play well enough (when you take the game as a whole >_> there was some bad play that somehow kept possession for the Dynamo) to get the three on the road.

    On to San Jose!

  7. Goal Bobby Boswell in the 83rd.

    DeRo was rather offsides and active on it, but that wasn’t called. Side refs have been consistantly terrible (especialy when the ball is on the side line but not over) and missed it. It looks like the main ref is doing everything he can to help the Fire out though.

  8. So far, it’s been ugly and confusing. The Dynamo have the run of play, but Chicago has had more of the chances.

    Actually, that sounds A LOT like Dynamo football this season.

    Except the Dynamo aren’t dominating midfield and forcing the other team to bunker, but the whole “make 3 good passes and a bad turnover” rule is holding.

    Oh, and it’s POURING in Chicago right now.

  9. Sorry Nic, but “Goals are like children, they’re all beautiful” was said by Eric Cantona, not Christian Vieri.

  10. Yikes, another ugly good. Well, it depends on how you look at it. Like Christian Vieri once famously said, “Goals are like children, they’re all beautiful!”

  11. Had to stop watching Red Bulls vs. KC because the field is so terrible. Watching a match in a soccer specific stadium is so much better than watching one played in a cavernous football stadium with football lines barely covered.


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