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Hyndman denies meeting with FC Dallas


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Diego Aparicio of Al Dia spoke to SMU coach Schellas Hyndman and Hyndman insists that he has not spoken to FC Dallas about becoming the team’s new head coach or technical director.

"I have a good relationship with the Hunt family, and have for a long time, so for that reason I am always connect with FC Dallas every time they are looking for a head coach," Hyndman told Al Dia. "But I have not met with anybody."

The report contradicts a report from, which stated that FC Dallas was set to may Hyndman the club’s head coach and technical director.

What do I think? Coaches deny exactly these types of situations all the time because there is no point admitting contact until a contract is signed. I’m not calling Hyndman a liar but it’s all about wording. Hyndman may not have "met" with anybody, but he could have easily had phone conversations or even negotiated via email. Considering he still has a job at SMU to deal with, it wouldn’t make sense to admit he were pursuing a job until he had it. Either way, I find it hard to believe Hunts Sports Group didn’t make another run at Hyndman. Now, if Hyndman was quoted as saying, "I’m staying at SMU. I’m not going anywhere." I might believe it a little more strongly.

What’s my take on the search? FC Dallas should hire Dave Sarachan, who has the experience and track record in the league to provide some stability to an organization that is in dire need of some. If Sarachan isn’t the pick, then Oscar Pareja should be the pick.

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  1. I bet it is Hyndman if they can work a financial package out. Hyndman is a good coach but his is about FCD’s management trying to get more fans in seats. FCD is losing fans and most big clubs (ie Dallas Texans kids) aren’t even paying attention to FCD. FCD is trying to put butts in the seats and trying to do it with a coach that has a lot of ties to Dallas.

    I don’t think he will put anymore people out at Frisco. What needs to happen is the whole upper management FCD staff needs to be replaced.

  2. Thomas Wrongman (Rongen) won and MLS Cup, and he blows. Steve Sampson won an MLS Cup and he might be the worst top-flight manager ever. Anywhere. Winning an MLS proves nothing.

  3. I’ve always felt that Schellas Hyndman would be a great coach in the MLS and hope he takes the Dallas job. He’s been on the best coaches in this country for a very long time.

    In regards to the remarks about Dave Sarachan, sorry you feel that way but somehow I find it hard to call someone a failure who managed to get his team to an MLS Cup Final, two US Open Cup Finals, we won one of them. If he’s a failure then what do you call the other MLS coaches who haven’t come close to winning anything in this league?

  4. I don’t agree with the Dave Sarachan recommendation. Recycling old failures sure doesn’t seem like the way forward. Pareja I like.

  5. Anytime you hear a denial like that, it means the ink is already drying, and they are merely waiting for the press conference.


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