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My D.C. United story on



D.C. United is in trouble. Anyone who has watched them play in recent weeks can tell that something is definitely wrong with D.C., and it’s more than just a case of chemistry issues or injury issues.

D.C. isn’t the first talented MLS team to get off to a slow start, and it would be easy to write off the slow start, but something is different this time around. D.C. officials surely recognize that, as evidenced by team president Kevin Payne’s scathing remarks about his team after Thursday’s loss to Chicago.

I gave my take on the D.C. situation in this piece.

Do I think D.C. can turn things around? The talent is there, but if Emilio doesn’t return to his MVP form and if D.C. doesn’t go out and get help or a replacement for Clyde Simms and replacement for Ben Olsen, D.C. will not be good enough to be a real factor in the East.

I am also not sold on Marcelo Gallardo. Haven’t been since day one. He is such a defensive liability that I can’t help but wonder if D.C. will need to find a way to go back to the 3-5-2 to give Gallardo the support he needs behind him in midfield. There’s a reason D.C. has been beaten repeatedly by opposing team’s central midfields. What has been easily forgotten is that Gallardo wasn’t D.C.’s first choice, Juan Veron was, and while Veron isn’t a true two-way midfielder either, he definitely has a higher work rate than Gallardo.

What I can’t help but wonder is whether D.C. owners will start looking at head coach Tom Soehn if the team keeps struggling. I think it would be very premature to let Soehn go but when you have new owners who have spent so much money on the team you never know what can happen. Former D.C. United coaching legend Bruce Arena is available and I have a feeling Kevin Payne wouldn’t be opposed to a reunion with Arena. I also can’t help but think that Arena would jump at the chance to coach his old team.

What do you think of D.C. United’s struggles? Share your thoughts below.

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