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New England Revolution at Columbus Crew: Your Running Commentary


Good evening folks. This weekend features three Eastern Conference battles, with the New England-Columbus clash being for first place in the loaded conference.

Can Columbus maintain its unbeaten home form? Can New England continue its winning ways on the road? Will the real Guillermo Barros Schelotto show up? Will Shalrie Joseph will the Revs to a victory?

If you will be watching the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Great game to watch with quality football. Rogers was a joy to watch and Frankie has amazing stamina for an American.

  2. Jason – You ain’t seen bad ’til you’ve seen Erich Simmons ref a game. Thank the lord he’s no longer working MLS games. But Heron’s not too much better.

  3. I have not had a chance to review the game on tape yet. But from my view 2 rows up, I was outraged at the horrible officiating. I have come to expect poor quality refs but this was the worst I’ve seen since I saw a Big East official call an extra point down the middle of the uprights as wide right. It is enough to cause me to reconsider driving 2+ hours to a game ever again.

  4. Perhaps every game at Crew Stadium should be Buck a Brat night. That was the first decent crowd all year. Chase, you assume that the anti-soccer American press actually covers and publicizes things like this. There have been countless egregious fouls or crazy fan behavior in the last couple of years that I thought would surely make it onto Sportscenter. They never have.

  5. Joseph was one guy getting crap thrown at him by a large group of people. Its certainly not classy to flip people off, but it isn’t as bad as chucking batteries (which is premeditated) and bottles at a public sporting event. I’m all for a good atmosphere at MLS games, but there is a fine line between supporting your team and taking it too far. The streamer thing, which was neat in the beginning has gotten out of control and needs to be clapped down on.

    I’m sure the vast majority of Crew fans are decent people and support their team the right way, however, you were embarrassed on national television by a group of classless individuals.

    And I agree, the Crew really do play an entertaining brand of football, its very encouraging to see and I look forward to watching one of their games in the future.

  6. Guys I hear you talking about every thing but the soccer on the field.I’m now officially a Crew fan. Rogers is a delight to watch. his crosses are quality. and Gavin’s header was something to see. The Crew looked good but they need a genuine finisher.

  7. @Chase

    I read in the paper a quote from Ralston where he said batteries were thrown at him. If that’s the case, I’m certainly not going to defend it. It may be the case where people are getting into the supporters section for the riot and not the game.

    I was at the game and you don’t get to see everything. I love the streamers, but I support banning and police intervention for people who throw anything else. The flags, chants, and streamers make it better for the casual fan, and we need more people to come to the games.

    Joseph’s still a classless thug. He had a crowd of people yelling at him. He had a choice to make and he chose to escalate. Was that classy?

  8. @Brian

    I don’t care if Joseph flipped them off, it is still classless and yet another reason why the streamer thing should not be tolerated, doesn’t surprise me as I have personally been subjected to the “class” of Columbus in my experience as an away fan at OSU football games.

    The streamer thing is a joke and yet another issue for the anti-soccer American press to jump on to criticize the league and the game. I respect the enthusiasm it generates, but that can be channeled in other ways (such as when DCU throws them at the beginning of the game and after goals).


    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  9. For what it’s worth, the list of players who have flipped off The Fort is long and distinguished.

    There were bottles and all kinds of junk being thrown at Revs players WAY before the goal… and it was more than just streamers. It all showed up on FSC. With the crap that the Revs had to deal with being thrown at them, having one player give you the one-fingered salute strikes me as a bit of a tepid response.

    You guys embarrassed yourselves last night.

  10. I agree the ref was very inconsistent. There was an offsides call in second half that he called on his own, not the line judge. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ref that far behind the run of play do that. Maybe it was the correct call, maybe not. It was odd.

    @Chase if you are talking about the bottles after the very soft penalty kick, the rev players went over and taunted the supporters section. Then, the class act that is Shalrie Joseph, gave the one fingered salute to everybody even near that section.

    The bottles are not a good thing, but they are plastic and immediately after, stadium security moved into the section and police followed.

    I’m glad the crowd was better this game. It seemed on par with last year. The crowd the last few home games was pathetic.

  11. sorry about the typos last night. my cell phone keyboard ain’t all that big.

    the huge upside of watching the game anywhere *other* than FSC is you don’t have to hear Sullivan butcher Schelotto’s name all night.

  12. from my seat @Crew Stadium the ref looked very inconsistent. There were a lot of 2d half fouls that were much lighter than the non-call contact in 1st half. There were 3-4 non-calls around Rogers & Moreno in 1st half that would’ve been fouls based onwhat we saw in 2d half.

    The penalty was legit, if soft, and the Crew should’ve covered the rebound. NE definitely stole this one.

  13. ^^ At first, TFC’s streamers seemed like a joke to me, BUT the way columbus does it makes it seem cool…that first corner in tonights game in the second half when all hell broke loose, i gotta give respect for that… i think the streamers and smoke (not flares Mr FSC announcer) were cool but i’ll have to agree that the league needs to stop and arrest ppl who throw bottles… They definitely can with video evidence and stuff…

  14. Well its nice to know that the classy Crew fans just provided the ultimate example of why the streamer thing is a joke that the league needs to clamp down on…Way to throw beer bottles at players…

  15. Columbus picking it up with 2 great chances inside the 18. Reis fantastic save on the 1st, looked like outside of the post on the 2nd.

    Khano on for Castro, speed in abundance on the wings now, between Nyassi, Smith, Rogers and Hejduk.

  16. no one better say a word about the crowd in Columbus tonight, either. I’ve been in line 10 minutes for nachos… there is *one* advantage to a small crowd!

    Ref is letting a lot of rough play go. Oddy, most of it is across from Heaps instead of caused by him.

  17. well jay Heas hasn’t killed anyone yet, but NE is beating on Robbie Rogers every chance they get. I guess they figure if he’s on his tookus he’s not blowing past them.

  18. greetings from section 132! I got the cell phone up on the web. good attack so far from Columbus, but they seem to be making 1 too many passes on most breaks. SOMEONE SHOOT ALREADY!

  19. Of course….I get enough of that from Real Madrid fans.

    The Fire fans would get as much of a kick out of a Red Bulls loss. Supposedly, we are the stuck up ones.

  20. Columbus Crew has been doing well. I have do doubt they can win this match. It should be an interesting match though, there can always be surprises.

    Hoping for a Red Bulls win tomorrow though!

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