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Pareja, Sarachan to interview for FC Dallas job


Former Dallas Burn standout Oscar Pareja and former Chicago Fire head coach Dave Sarachan are set to interview for the FC Dallas head coaching job, Tobias Lopez at the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram reported on Friday.

A third unidentified candidate is also set to interview for the position vacated when Steve Morrow was fired last week.

What’s my take. I think Pareja is an excellent candidate. Someone who understands the league, can relate to the latino players and has the reputation to earn instant respect from the players.

I also think Sarachan is a good candidate. I know his time before he was fired by Chicago didn’t go well but it is easily forgotten that he is responsible for building essentially the entire Chicago Fire team that is the best team in MLS right now. With the exception of Cuauhtemoc Blanco (which Sarachan was actually head coach when he signed to join Chicago) and Wilman Conde are key players who weren’t around for Sarachan’s tenure. Sarachan is a player’s coach who definitely knows the game and is as sharp as they come.

What do you think of this news? Who would you like to see coach FC Dallas? Pareja? Sarachan? Hugo Sanchez? Share your thoughts below.


  1. You guys can have Sarachan. Mr score one goal and play defense defense defense.

    Sanchez, please. The guy would spend all his energy complainng about the league, refs and ridiculous rules. He would spend more time getting kicked out of games than on the side lines. That was his MO in the Mexican first division and with the Mexican team. Do you really think it would be different with Dallas.

    Pareja is probably your best bet for a coach.

  2. Steve,

    You’re right, I am an RSL fan. But wouldn’t you REAALLLLLLLLY like to take Kreis off our hands. After all, he did play for FCD for many years. And while you’re at it could you give us Kenny Cooper in compensation?

  3. Evidently Wynalda was in the Dallas area, and it was “confirmed he at least spoke to FCD.”

    Who knows if he is a full candidate or would even be a decent coach. I’d much rather see Sanchez, Pareja, or Sarachan in that order. Harkes would be intriguing (he’s had some assistant jobs in the past, right?), as would an accomplished college coach. I’d like to see Schellas Hyndeman of SMU be considered more for the technical director than head coach. Hincha Tim, you must be a RSL to be throwing Kreis’s name in.

  4. I see Sarachan getting the job unless he bombs the interview process. After all, with Cooper up front & some speed on the wings, the team seems set up for Sarachan’s long ball offense.

  5. i guess Sarachan is alright, but i’ll never forget him trying to force Jaqua into playing right midfield over a long period time, with the results consistently pitiful.

  6. I’d like to see Jason Kreis get hired to coach Dallas, at which time RSL would hire Henk Ten Cate as his replacement. Of course, Dallas would also throw in a major allocation as compensation for luring Kreis away.


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