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Real Salt Lake at Colorado Rapids: Running Commentary


Good evening folks. We are at halftime of tonight’s ESPN game between Real Salt Lake and the Colorado Rapids and the scoreboard still has zeroes on it.

Apologies for the late running commentary but seeing as he we didn’t miss much,I think we can pick things up at halftime.

If you are watching the snoozefest match, and are online, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.


  1. I disagree with calling yesterday’s game a snoozefest. I know Colorado and RSL are not big city teams (i.e. NY and LA) but I found the game to be fast paced and exciting to watch.

    I do agree with the lack of fan support at DSG park. Colorado fans need to step up, we now have a great stadium and an exciting team to watch.

  2. Throughout the year, I have been calling for patience with respect to RSL, realizing that the team needs time for its myriad of new players to adjust to each other and the system. I still think that is the case. However, there are some real problems with RSL that are reoccurring, and that the team doesn’t seem to be making progress on. If they don’t solve these they will never get over the hump, and continue to be a mediocre team at best. If they can solve them they have a chance to be “a contenda”. These are:

    1) Lack of a #10. Williams is not a #10 and it showed last night. He is great playing with a #10 but he is not creative enough, nor can he hold the ball well enough with his head up looking for runners. Morales has shown flashes of potential but no consistency. This is refelcted in RSL’s lack of effectiveness in its attacking third, and its inablility to hold onto the ball consistently in the midfield. RSL really needs to consider going out and getting a very high quality (DP?) #10. It’s too bad they didn’t pick up Christian Gomez, the perfect fit at a reasonable price.

    2) It’s becoming apparent to me that Deuchar is not “Dr. Goals” but “Dr. No”. He has missed many, many clear scoring chances (he has 2 goals in 6.5 games). RSL needs a finisher. Also Kreis continues the puzzling trend of using him out of position. Deuchar is best suited in the traditional British centerforward, setting up close to the goal and finishing with his head/feet. Kreis continues to have him come back for the ball with his back to the goal, using him to dish off passes to Espindola. Also he has Deuchar making diagonal runs to the sideline to pick up passes which Deuchar then crosses into the center for Espindola to try to head in, just the opposite of what should happen.

    Even down a goal, RSL really didn’t make Colorado uncomforable with lots of quality scoring chances. The few that they had (Deuchar’s head ball) were squandered. Until they sort this out, they will not be successful consistently.

  3. I agree about RSL’s passing, and yes, their finishing is rather horrible. Something tells me that with RSL, we are watching a team that could be next year’s Columbus. There are too many new faces right now, and as long as they are playing on that turf injury issues will pop up at the wrong times… but next year they will be on real grass all year in a stadium that I think will be full of strong support (albeit the family-friendly kind) and all their new faces will have had more time to gell. They are already showing flashes with some pretty moves with strings of one touch passing. As long as they continue to improve over the course of the year, and hopefully get a taste of the playoffs, I think they will be dangerous next year.

  4. Omar Cummings is picking up his game, he continues to improve after showing some flashes last year. The match tonight wasn’t the greatest technically, but still a good win vs the Salt Lake Polygamists.

  5. Cooper is more polished and aware than Jozy at this point as a striker. He makes smart runs and generally knows what he’s doing. Plus he’s a big guy who won’t get knocked around by Terry and the like.

  6. Don’t worry, Bradley’s got plenty of chances to whittle Eddie out. I’m really hoping Kenny Cooper gets that starting forward spot.

  7. I was actually impressed with RSLs passing in the first half. They were controlling the ball in the midfield, and it was kid of sexy football. Of course, it’s RSL, so nothing came of it(goals), but it sure did look purdy.

    As for the USMNT pool, I like Feilhaber so I’ll let his inclusion go, but EDDIE FREAKING JOHNSON! REALLY? Bradley couldn’t have picked ANYONE else? I was also a bit surprised not to see Hehnemann on there, he’s fit, why wasn’t he included?

    Colorado scores!

  8. How does Parkhurst not get called up, yet Orozco does? Not to mention the fact that an unfit player who can’t even make the Derby bench is going to play some of the best clubs in the world. I’m looking at you Feilhaber.

  9. Hmm.. the stands look fuller now than in the first half. They don’t look full, but fuller certainly. perhaps they came to see Terry Cooke sub in. I think that could make it more interesting.

  10. no, Ives, you were right when you said snoozefest. And I’m not worried about offending any Rapids fans, because according to the stands, there are about 300.

    On the bright side, Bradley’s 33 for England were unveiled.


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