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Where will you be watching the Champions League final?


Tomorrow is the big day. Manchester United vs. Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League final in Moscow. It is one of those events that hardcore soccer fans just can’t miss. Whether you are calling in sick or skipping out for a late lunch, I know plenty of you will find a way to watch this match live at a soccer bar or sports bar somewhere.

So here’s the question. Where will you be watching the game? If you are watching it at home then don’t bother responding. I want to know which places around the country will serve as the best spots to see the Champions League final with a large group of people.

I haven’t figured out what I am going to do yet. I will either watch from home and do a running commentary, or I will go into Manhattan and watch it (not sure where yet).

Where will you watch? Share your viewing location below.


  1. Most likely first half at home, second half at a bar (Yancy’s Saloon or Kezar Pub – both in SF). Work? What’s that? Haha.


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