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Argentina vs. Mexico: Your Running Commentary

Good evening folks. If any of you are following the Argentina-Mexico friendly in San Diego tonight, please feel free to share some updates in the comments section below.


  1. well folks, bob bradley’s “9 mend behind the ball” defensive strategy doesn’t seem that bad now after Chucho Ramirez was exposed last nite. he also got a clinic on coaching at the highest level by Alfio Basile.

    it’s a dilemma Mexico faces when it plays Argentina, we always want to play them straight up and stick to our possesion style but they’re just so much more better than us, I don’t think anyone other than brazil, germany, spain, portugal, italy, or france can go toe to toe against them.

    I seriously almost enjoyed watching argentina pound us last nite. beautiful stuff from messi and aguero.

    for sunday’s game, bob needs to play with 6 defenders and 5 mifielders just to keep the score respectable.


  2. Wow this game was terrible for mexico. They started well and Carlos Vela almost scored during the first few minutes. But then it went south from their for Mexico. I don’t mind the mexican team but can’t really stand Sanchez. Not sure why Mexico didn’t have Ochoa on goal instead of Sanchez.

    Was Sven writing notes down or was he drawing on paper because this game was over by the 30th min in the first half.

  3. Sorry Alejandro — now I am really confused with your answer. I just wondered why they would play in San Diego where they only got 60,000 fans while they could play in Mexico where they could probably get 100,000 plus fans. Even with lower ticket prices, couldn’t they make as much $$$ this way?

    Who gets the money from the ticket sales? The Mexican Federation?

    The Argentinian Federation? The USSF?

    And does Brazil play a bunch of their friendlies in Argentina because of $$$?

    Sorry for all the questions!!! I was actually cheering for the tricolores last night, but just wondered about the logistics of it all from a financial perspective.

  4. Bob, really? You have to ask this question? It’s the same reason all the US vs Mexico games are played here. Higher ticket prices.

    Kinda like the same reason Brazil hardly plays in Brazil anymore. $$$

  5. I don’t understand why they played this game in San Diego? Isn’t Mexico a large country with a lot of soccer stadiums?

  6. I was there. Argentina where a step ahead of Mexico. quick one touch passing at its finest. At the beginning Mexico held their own, well for about 10 minutes but once Argentina got rhythm going they controlled the game. A fun match with 68 thousand there.

  7. Very jealous, not televised down south here. BTW, was Sven on the sidelines coaching, or just observing?

    Well, we want to play #1 in the world, here they come!

  8. yea, john is rite, argentinas chicks are hawt.

    if you dont believe me, search “Rocio Guirao Diaz”

    OW! or as ives would say, “jeez”

  9. I don’t really wish any of their players harm either, with the exception of Sanchez and Borgetti. But that is from years of a dirty rivalry.

    I’m actually kind of excited about the thought of Donovan joining Bravo and Guardado in Spain (but I rather see him play with Altidore).

  10. 85th minute- Messi finally comes out, as does Aguero. Both are healthy and we’ll see if they’ll have something left for the USA game (something tells me they will).

  11. These Mexican players are likable (save for Dirty Sanchez)…it may be fun to watch free flowing goal scoring, but I wish no harm to these guys.

  12. I’m not sure what makes me happier, watching the US actually win a game, or Mexico get absolutely worked over?

    Maybe the latter. Especially when their fans are throwing crap on the field.

  13. Argentina 4, Mexico 1. They just showed Sven Goran Eriksson and he looks a little nervous. Luckily for him Belize has a little less talent than Argentina.

  14. 71st- GOAL ARGENTINA. Sergio Aguero from who else? Yes, Lionel Messi. I swear those two are on a different wave-length.


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