FC Dallas introduces Hyndman as head coach

FC Dallas introduces Hyndman as head coach

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FC Dallas introduces Hyndman as head coach



FC Dallas officially introduced Schellas Hyndman as the fifth head coach in the club’s history on Tuesday.  With the decision made, and Hyndman on board, it is time to start thinking about the decision the club just made.

Can a coach who has spent two decades coaching college really make the adjustment to MLS? Is FC Dallas really planning to hire John Ellinger as Hyndman’s assistant? Is FC Dallas talented enough to make a title run?

I have absolutely no confidence in this move and it screams of cluelessness by FC Dallas owner Clark Hunt, who played for Hyndman at SMU.

I’m sure Hyndman knows his soccer, but color me unimpressed by his track record at SMU. If you are the only Division I college program in the talent-rich state of Texas then you had better have a full trophy case. Luckily for Hyndman, he inherits a strong roster with some very good young talent. It seems like a roster well-suited for an inexperienced MLS coach with 20 years coaching young players.

More shocking than the appointment of Hyndman is hiring of Ellinger as Hyndman’s assistant. Ellinger reportedly will help Hyndman adjust to MLS by using his experience in the league to guide the career college coach. Now, if Ellinger is focusing on youth development then he’s a great hire, but bringing him aboard because of his MLS experience would be like hiring General Custer because of his experience fighting Indians.

What do you think of Hyndman’s hiring? Share your thoughts below.

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