The Trouble With Substitutes

The Trouble With Substitutes

Major League Soccer

The Trouble With Substitutes


Good morning class. My name is Shawn Francis and I will be your substitute for today as it seems that your regular teacher, Mr. Galarcep is away for a teachers in service day…whatever that means. You can just call me SF because I like to keep it loose. Now I know that I do not have the same qualifications as Mr. Galarcep so I won’t even attempt to continue with his focused, and educational lesson plan today.

What does that mean for you? Well it means that today we’re going to do some things that deviate from the usual structure but I think that you may find them interesting & informative nonetheless. And yes, like any substitute worth their salt I will be letting you chill out and watch movies.

Our 1st lesson of the day will be Current Events. Last night the New England Revolution once again tried to exorcise the demons of prior MLS Cup failures against the Dynamo, and succeeded magnificently. That is with the help of Dynamo keeper Tony Caig (who in my opinion brought shame upon all who are saddled with the "substitute" title). Dim the lights please:

Now it seems to me –and remember "those who can’t, teach" so what do I really know– that Mr. Caig could have been better served to have reached forward for the ball, that to have reached sideways for the ball in the 1st goal. As for the second one…well what do you think class? If a ball hits you square in the chest it would probably be a good idea not turn your chest inwards toward the goal. OK now you guys go to recess, I’m going to the teachers lounge.

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