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Chivas de Guadalajara 2, D.C. United 1: A Supporter’s View


There are some sure things in this world. Death, Taxes and Jaime Moreno converted penalty kicks. At least that used to be the list before Moreno missed his first penalty kick in about 50 years. The missed kick cost D.C. a chance at a two-goal comeback and 2-2 tie. United had to settle for a 2-1 loss and slow start to SuperLiga.

SBI correspondent Joel Sanderson took in the action on Saturday and shared his take with us. Give it a read before D.C. takes the field tonight for it’s second SuperLiga match, this time against Atlante.

A disappointing start for D.C.


I can’t say for sure, but it looked to me like DCU thought that it might be handed this game just for showing up. That’s not to say there wasn’t energy, but it was the kind of energy you get when you play pick-up soccer with 20 + guys, everyone wants to get forward and assumes that the defense will take care of itself. Apparently those players haven’t been watching game tape all season.

It was nice of Clyde Simms to remind us all that he isn’t Shalrie Joseph though.

There were so many times that Zach Wells had to make a play. Nice for him, he actually made a couple. He also actually looked more like an adult. Usually he looks like the 16-year-old kid who just learned to drive.

Still, he got destroyed, absolutely demolished on that first goal. Rightly so, they guy made a spectacular move. Did you see it? He very surreptitiously dribbled left instead of right at Wells. I can see how that might confuse ol’ Zachey-poo. The drive right as the guy shot was classically hilarious on replay because he was stretched out like a long cat.  He did show off his athleticism on that and the other goal. Kid has got ups. Sadly, he also got beat.

The offense didn’t look too bad. Craig Thompson wasn’t so bad. And who doesn’t like a guy from the Colorado School of Mines. If it were mimes, it would be cooler, but oh well. I’d like to take this moment to point out to Mr. Thompson, somehow assuming that he’s reading, that mine engineers are making phenomenal money right now, some as high as six figures right out of school. He has not made an economically sound life decision, but it was nice too see him out there not sucking.

He, like the rest of the midfield, did a bang-up job of playing bend-way-too-much and sometimes-sloppy defense. Really it was a team effort. I wouldn’t want to leave Namoff and his back pass or Burch and his “that guy has cooties” defense feeling lonely for lack of a mention.

They did push forward well. Namoff got the assist, McTavish put the ball off the post.

If this team played Total Football, I’d be excited by the execution. Instead, DCU lost and looked exciting doing it. The attacks were great fun and Emilio is frighteningly on form.

Plus, I have chosen to give Moreno a pass for the miss because he’s been so good and because it wasn’t a poor shot.

So maybe next time DC can try to get revenge by trying to win instead of trying to look cool doing it.

I would like to end with a shoutout to Blanco. We won, you lost, and I hope you enjoy crying to some Bright Eyes or Matchbook Romance while you think about how poor you were pushed over. At least you aren’t a pretentious and don’t have a long-track record of thinking you’re super special. Every team wishes it could have a player like you, especially the European teams. Oh. Wait. The MLS may look like a wrestling match sometimes, but by and large it is played by adults. You’ve been too busy pulling hair, poking eyes and throwing sucker punches to have made it past the maturity level of a 14 year old. Next thing you know you’ll be staying out past curfew and rebelling against your parents. Don’t worry. It’s natural. I’m sure by the time you reach the age of 40 you’ll be confident enough to give a slow jam tape to the cute girl next door.



    And no one claimed Gallardo was a great signing. I’d rather have Gomez back, to be perfectly honest.

    Um, how did Ben Olsen even come into this comment board? Did I miss something in the article, or are you just so desperate for idols that you have to pick on the hardest-working player in MLS and hail Blanco, the dirtiest little b*tch to ever step on a pitch (no rhyme intended, but I actually sorta like that)?

  2. The summary of it all is that Blanco is great, but that didn’t make his decision acceptable. I didn’t write about the US Open Cup and didn’t comment when bitterness was highest and commenters were talking because it wasn’t worth it. It’s not okay to do what he did and that’s the bottom line, and that doesn’t change with DC’s loss tonight either.

  3. Aw, that’s cute. I love the defense “well, that guy is a thug too.” And I’m not disputing that Blanco has been a phenomenal signing. I admit that it’s tough to find idols on a team. They’ve always had such good teamwork on their way to all their titles that it’s hard to pick just one.

    There isn’t much good to say about DC in the Superliga so I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll write about Brett Favre. Oh wait, he didn’t try to punch a DCU player. Or his own teammate for that matter (maybe metaphorically he did actually).

  4. Waiting for the exciting sequel – “DC eliminated from Superliga”. Maybe can you devote another paragraph to dissing Blanco in that article too. I wouldn’t worry that he doesn’t play for Atlantis. It didn’t stop you before.

  5. and still for all his whining, he has been one of the top 3 players in the league since he arrived, unlike gallardo.

    funny enough, DC fans seem to forget how much of a thug Olsen really is….you must be so desperate for idols that you put this guy in a category he doesn’t deserve.

    btw, you just got trashed by one of the worst teams in Mexico. hahahaha and ha.


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