Wednesday West Coast Roundup

Wednesday West Coast Roundup

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Wednesday West Coast Roundup



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With the number of West Coast readers growing by the month, SBI will make it a point to start providing more coverage of all things on the West side of the USA map. With that in mind, here is the first installment of the West Coast Roundup, with SBI correspondent Odeen Domingo filling us in on the happenings over on the left coast, providing his own spin on the stories people in the Pacific and Mountain time zone want to read about. Enjoy

SBI’s East Coast bias is officially over.

Ives will still continue to break news on Western Conference MLS teams for us left siders. But I, your humble SBI lieutenant, will try to keep you up with news and notes on teams west of any current MLS club holding a winning record.

Every other day or so, the West Coast Roundup will try, as much as it can, to fill the soccer void for the SBI Mafia faction established in the West.

SBI’s West Coast bias has begun.

WednMastroeni ready for Europe move

MLS veteran and Phoenix native Pablo Mastroeni says enough is enough. He is tired of the buffoonery of the MLS. Tired of not scoring against American scrubs. Tired of letting MLS scrubs score on him.

So the walking yellow card is taking his game to Europe.

This is Mastroeni’s last season in the MLS before he leaves to earn a contract in Europe and come back in 2010.

No really, the U.S. international hopes to trial his way into the Serie A in Italy or La Liga in Spain. In recent U.S. matches, he has shown that he can still be effective at defensive midfielder. Fear is not an option when he challenges balls. And he can move the rock around effective enough to keep possession.

But at 31, is his decision to try his hand in Europe just a tad too late? Is he skilled enough to defend properly in two of the most skilled leagues in the world?

Most likely and probably not.

Why he chose to divulge this information with Colorado just two points out from first place in the West and the season yet to be half over is questionable. But if he is able to play in the MLS All-Star Game, which is just two weeks away, he may be posturing to have Serie A and La Liga scouts take a look at him. 

Club America in MLS?

Club America may be looking to have a sister team in MLS just like its biggest rival Chivas de Guadalajara did with Chivas USA.

This isn’t an actual MLS West story, but it could have an effect on teams in the Western Conference. Notably one – Chivas USA.

It’s only a matter of time until the American Goats move to another city. But if Club America decides to build an MLS team in say, 2010 to get into the league with Philadelphia, or 2011, will this effect Chivas USA’s eventual move?

Club America can put a team in San Diego, which is where many prefer Chivas USA to move, or other cities with the potential of a Chivas USA move like Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Central California. 

Will a Club America de St. Louis work?

One thing is clear, a Club America team in the MLS has few reasons to fail. After three years of learning (and laughing) at what hasn’t worked for Chivas USA, Club America officials should be able to have a sound plan to run a successful MLS club.

It will also create an instant superclasico. Though Chivas USA already has its own with the Galaxy, it should already be in another city (let along another stadium) by the time a Club America MLS team is in business. Thus, giving way to the Chivas USA-Club America superclasico.

This will also allow the Galaxy-Earthquakes rivalry to recapture its fire.

Galaxy ready to bolster defense

The LA Galaxy has just handed rookie of the year candidate Sean Franklin some sorely-needed help in the LA back-line.

The Galaxy has signed Eduardo Dominguez, a 29-year-old Argentine who plays central defender for Huracan.

The Galaxy needed to do something to shore up its defense. And Abel “can’t match the drapes with the carpet” Xavier isn’t cutting it any longer.

I was never high on Xavier even when others were on his jock his first season in the league. The guy doesn’t play on turf, which means he only plays about half the season. And when he plays on grass, he doesn’t play defense.

L.A. might still add another defender, with Carlos Ruiz as trade bait. With the re-awakening of Edson Buddle’s massive potential, the club can trade Ruiz to an offensively-challenged team for a defender. 

What do you think of Mastroeni’s decision? What about Club America’s MLS aspirations? And what the Galaxy needs to do to improve its defense? Do you like West Side Stories?

Share your thoughts below.

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