Rapids 2, FC Dallas 2: A Supporter's View

Rapids 2, FC Dallas 2: A Supporter's View

MLS- Colorado Rapids

Rapids 2, FC Dallas 2: A Supporter's View



(Apologies for posting this late folks, it should have run before the all-star game. It’s a bit late but still a good read.)

The Colorado Rapids were the last team in MLS to register a tie, but now that two straight draws have come against two of the league’s weaker teams, the Rapids are left rueing missed opportunities.

Yes, the Rapids did come from behind to equalize courtesy of a Conor Casey goal, something that could be seen as quite an accomplishment for the road-challenged Rapids, but the tie also meant yet another road trip without a win and another failed attempt to climb the Western Conference standings.

SBI correspondent Craig de Aragon took in the action and gave us his unique take on the Rapids latest draw (FC Dallas correspondent Casey Corcoran was unable to file a report this week.)

Another tie leaves Rapids flat


Two ties against the bottom two teams in MLS isn’t really the best way to head into the all star break. You can tell yourself that getting a point in consecutive games, both on the road is a good thing, but…eh I feel like it should be more.  You can tell yourself that coming from behind in both those games to salvage a point is a good thing, but…eh I feel like it should be more.

It’s like being at a bar around closing time. You’ve had enough drinks to not care, but not enough to stop you.  You see a girl across the bar.  You go talk to her, and the rest of the night is history. Now, there were plenty of better looking girls at the bar, ones you should have sealed the deal with. But after all the “no’s” from the hot ones, the one you took home, the one that just said “yes”, looked just fine. I mean at least you took something home right? But you’re not going to call her back and probably won’t even tell your friends.  Well for the Rapids, at least they took something home, but it’s not what they should have.  It was a good start, a good consolation prize, but not great.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather the Rapids have fought for a tie than lose. It just amazes me how poor the Rapids are on the road.  It’s not just the Rapids, it’s league wide. Did you know that there are only two teams in the West and five total teams with more than one win on the road?  One win!  Not only that, but one of those teams is San Jose. What is so tough about the road that you should expect a tie at best? 

Ok so I just made the argument against myself that I should be happy with the last two games. But I’m a supporter; no one said I had to be rational.  In fact I’m so irrational that I think if your team takes an early lead, say in the 5th minute, they should be able to protect it and win the game.  But hey, I’m irrational. I can’t expect my team, out on the road to do any better than a tie, can I?

If this all doesn’t make any sense; it’s probably because I just came home from the bar after having enough drinks to not care, but enough drinks to know I better go home (alone) because I’m getting married in two weeks.

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