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U.S. Open Cup semifinals: Your Running Commentary


The U.S. Open Cup semifinals are set to kick off tonight with one MLS match-up and one all-USL clash.

D.C. United will play host to the New England Revolution (7:30pm), which has an eye toward repeating as U.S. Open Cup champions while also adding to the SuperLiga trophy it just won last week. D.C. will look to shake off a shock 4-1 loss to the New York Red Bulls to claim a place in the final.

The other semifinal pits soon-to-be MLS squad Seattle Sounders against the Charleston Battery (7:30pm), which will host tonight’s match.

Here is colleague Steve Davis’ preview of the semifinals.

If you want to follow the scores, and listen to some radio, you can find both at the U.S. Open Cup website.

Now, if you will be attending tonight’s matches, or listening to them, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play, in the comments section below (You spent all that money on your I-Phone, now put it to use).

Enjoy the matches.


  1. The Revs rested most of their players because they haven’t had a break in weeks, and their schedule for the next few weeks has them playing 2 games per week until mid September. Let the reserves play the Open Cup, let the regulars rest, and the regulars will play MLS regular season matches and Champions League matches.

  2. Oh man Ives I hope you put the US Nigeria game commentary on your website soon. I am dying here in Thailand with no coverage…

  3. Ives,

    With a Champions Cup place on the line (for the team that eventually wins the US Open Cup), why did New England leave so many starers at home?

  4. So my connection fizzed out with the penalty shootout tied 2-2. I scramble to fix it, and re-tune to see the Battery players celebrating. No Champions’ League next year I guess. Can we start the 2009 MLS season now?

  5. I’m for Seattle because it would be totally ridiculous for a team to play every single game in the competition at home.

    The US Open Cup flirts with making itself irrelevant anyhow. A cup won without playing a single away or neutral site game would be completely tainted.

  6. i’m a red bull fan, trust me i ain’t crowning the revs with anything lol. i’m just saying there was the POTENTIAL for all those trophies… personally, i hope they lose them all haha

  7. I guess MLS won’t take it seriously until the purse is raised to something respectable. 100k to the winner is almost insulting. Most teams would rather keep their starters fresh for the league matches.

  8. completely agree, Mike. I mean, the Revs potentially could have won an unheard of Quintuple (SuperLiga, Supporter’s, Open Cup, MLS Cup & Champion’s League).

  9. I guess when you’ve won as much as New England, winning the Open Cup doesn’t matter? VERY disappointed at the lack of respect for the Open Cup that the Revs displayed tonight.

  10. is it me, or could Le Toux be Kenny Cooper’s long-lost, French brother?

    I think he trialed with FC Dallas a couple of years ago.

  11. IMO, there are four MLS-level players in this Charleston-Seattle match…

    Sebastian Le Toux

    Randi Patterson

    Osvaldo Alonso

    & Taylor Grahm

    (OK, the last one was just to see if there’s anyone out there actually reading this.)

  12. GOAL. Randi Patterson with a poacher’s goal… All I have to say is, Really Red Bulls? He wasn’t worth a developmental contract?

  13. it’s so odd hearing the Battery come out to the old Chicago Bulls theme.. i keep waiting for “#23… MICHAEL JOOOOORDAN!”


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