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Houston Dynamo at San Francisco FC: Your Running Commentary


The Houston Dynamo begin CONCACAF Champions League play tonight against Panamanian side San Francisco FC. The match kicked off at 8pm and is airing on Fox Soccer Channel.

If you are watching the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. I didn’t watch any of the games (still no power after Ike) so I can’t comment on the situation on the field or how bad it was but to those who say the game shouldn’t have been played I’ve seen plenty of games played in terrible conditions. It should only be canceled if the conditions truly are hazardous. As to whether PR had an advantage due to the weather, of course they did. Everyone knows that teams that play a technical passing game (typical Mexican style) suffer more due to water on the ground. That said, the Islanders did win 3-1. It’s hard to put that all on the weather. Did Santos field its full lineup or did they take PR lightly? Did the players they fielded come to play or did they take PR lightly?

    Why do we always act surprised that “weaker” teams can achieve results, especially at home. People whined and complained like crazy regarding the Nats’ results in Guatemala and especially Cuba during WCQ. You can criticize the style of play but people acted like we lost because we didn’t win 6-0. Look around the world, people. Look at UEFA, both the CL and Cup and also WCQ. Every match day there are upsets. The minnows don’t always lose, especially at home.

    Congrats Islanders, congrats Impact. All American fans of soccer should support these teams; their success shows the quality of all North American soccer.

  2. Santos would’ve had a better showing had they not been playing in a pool.

    Posted by: Phillip | September 23, 2008 at 10:30 PM


    Kind of stating the obvious, don’t you think. Of course they would have. They are an elite first division side with individual players who make more than our whole side put together. The Islanders will have to play at Santos’ beautiful stadium and we will pray for rain. A lot of rain. And that their world class field starts to drain poorly. We’ll take whatever God and the elements send us and work our buts off.

  3. Interestingly the Santos players stopped just short of a Superliga like outburst at Gieger. The FMF sides are such sore losers when things don’t go their way.

    As far as the pitch, both sides had to play on it and yet the Islanders prevailed.

  4. No one mentioned the scuffle in the 69th minute of the Dynamo game, which included a San Francisco player taking a swipe at Onstad’s face, barely a yard away from the referee, who initially reached for his back pocket, let his hand hover there, then decided not to show the card.

    The whole incident was preceded seconds before by a San Francisco player working out his worst Diego Maradonna impersonation: as the corner came in from the left, #27 raced toward Onstad, and slapped at the ball and Onstad’s arms with his right hand, popping it out of Onstad’s hands just feet from the goalline. The incident was totally missed or ignored by the referee and linesman.

    If the indifferent officiating continues, I’m going to skip the rest of the CONCACAF champion’s league games.

  5. Santos would’ve had a better showing had they not been playing in a pool.

    Posted by: Phillip ”

    And the other team played on a dry surface?

  6. Another result for the Puerto Rico Islanders. Now if only my MLS side (DC) can get a win tonight.

    The torrential rains in the Caribbean are part of our home field advantadge. We can’t control the weather but we can darn sure take advantadge of knowing our field and how to play in that sort of weather.

    The commentators of the Sunday Santos-Cruz Azul match were talking a lot of #%#& about how my Islanders were going to need to “drink from miracle soup” (doesn’t translate well, sorry). Well there

    was your #^#& miracle.

    Everybody who knows me or reads me knows that I am not a trash talker. Just not my style.

    Just check our last week or two. Or three. We won the USL Commisioner’s Cup. While pushing for CCL. We have played in the US, Canada and at home.

    Colin Clarke has been nothing short of freaking genius and my boys have shown heart, confidence and “overachieved”.

    Everything after getting past Alajuela was gravy.

    Please, anyone looking for a USL1 club to support, there is room for you on the bandwagon. We are a small club with big ambitions. I support United and Islanders and Crystal Palace Baltimore. If you got room in your heart and wanna have a USL1 side, you have now formaly been invited…

    Vamos Islanders!!!

  7. Oh the schadenfreude in watching Santos flail and flounder. I can’t help it, whether its the Mexican national team or a mexican league team, I just love watching them lose at the hands of a US team.

  8. I know nothing about Santos or the Islanders. Fantastic, ridiculous, passionate game. What a contrast from uefa champions league, I loved it.

  9. PR Islanders are up 2-0 at the half against Santos Laguana of Mexico. Its a rain soaked affair in which MLS ref Matt Gieger(sp?) has for some strange reason not called off! There is water all over the field and players are sliding into pools of standing water. But the crowd is lively despite the pouring rain.

  10. The USL again looking strong with Puerto Rico up 2-0 at the half at home vs Santos. Needless to say it has been a very impressive showing thus far for the USL.


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