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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning folks. Today’s soccer action is already well under way, but there is still a good slate of games on TV for you to enjoy on this casual Sunday.

Udinese at Juventus highlights the afternoon’s selections while Michael Bradley’s debut for Borussia Moenchengladbach vs. Hannover 96 should also be of special interest to U.S. national team fans. We could also see Jozy Altidore make his La Liga debut for Villarreal (both Bradley and Altidore are starting today’s matches on the bench).

Here are today’s games on TV:

  • 10:30am– Setanta USA- Southampton at Queens Park Rangers
  • 11am– FSC- Everton at Stoke City
  • 11am– GolTV- Deportivo La Coruna at Villarreal
  • 1pm– GolTV- Numancia at Real Madrid
  • 2:30pm– FSC- Udinese at Juventus
  • 3pm– Telefutura- Chicago Fire at Colorado Rapids
  • 5pm– FSC- Independiente at Boca Juniors
  • 5pm– GolTV- Borussia Monchengladbach at Hannover 96
  • 7pm– GolTV- Chico at Medellin
  • If you will be watching these matches, or have already watched some of the morning’s selections, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

    Enjoy the action.


    1. Wally and anotherbodymurdered – Thank you for your support and infallable logic.

      WJ – Not everybody can afford GolTV. I certainly cannot, so I listen to the German language Bundesliga-live Radio, which is FREE on I.E. The game was streamed live on Internet Radio all around the world and IT WAS FREE! Any real Bundesliga fan knows that. I’ve been a loyal M’Gladbach fan for years and I really can’t hide my love for that team. Running commentary means that the people here have the right to post their commentary during the games as they happen…everybody here seems to know that except for you.

    2. Well its nice to see that La Marca had nice things to say about Jozy. I personally thought he was so-so. There were some good moments, but also some moments that I felt he came up very short. Hopefully he improves and continues to play.

    3. From La Marca in Spain :

      There are 3 bullets for all the games highlighting key parts

      1. Cazorla caused trouble all game. 2. Deportivo was trying but lacked bite in the final third. 3. Altidore, force off the bench. It basically said he came off the bench and was very dangerous. Also mentioned his physique.

      Also, in the summary for the whole game. A major point they made was that Guille Franco (whom Jozy replaced) was very weak as a front man. They then go on to say that Altidore was very promising, that he had some brilliant moments and used his strength very well. It also basically said that with Depor attack slowed, Villareal was able to go hard and specifically mentioned Altidore and Cazorla.

      very promising indeed

    4. The GolTV announcers for the Villareal game were really taken by Jozy’s physical presence. They made a comment about one of his first touches was not ideal, but he quickly made up with incredible speed (he got called for a foul on a legal shoulder to shoulder play.)

      He actually looked a lot like Adriano in his prime, like a bulldozer.

      I am going to have fun watching the yellow submarine’s games.

    5. yeah not to mention that expecting other people to live their lives according to your tape delayed lifestyle and then berating them when they don’t is kind of rude

    6. WJ –

      Disagree big-time that posters should wait until tape-delayed games are broadcast on premium cable channels to post. The whole fun of internet posting is that you get people’s spontanious reactions to ongoing events. And since most poeple were probably watching Altidore live on the internet (rather than paying too much for Gol TV) you should expect posts on his performance. Everyone knows, if you want to watch a tape delayed broadcast, YOU need to avoid sports related internet pages before the game.

    7. What is with all the running commentary posts? How about some actual content on this site!! Otherwise, why not just turn it into a huge message board for MLS fans.

      For those in search of MLS news:

      (Yeah, right. Nice attempt at plugging your site buddy.)

    8. Oh, and just to point out the obvious, a “running commentary” of the Hannover game would “run” when the game is on GolTV, as that is the time that Ives lists.

    9. Big Wave:

      Are you serious? Not that it matters, but why wouldn’t I come online to see what other people thought of Jozy’s debut? (which was awesome, by the way) It should be expected that a game that is going to be on TV at 5 p.m. in the United States will not be discussed on this website, since the post lists the times the games are on TV.

      I hope everyone else realizes how reasonable my request was.

    10. Fire’s offense wow’s us again :-/

      held to 1 shot (that was deflected) for 60 mins….

      ugggg, and a chance to catch up in the standings …

    11. yeah i left it open for like 20 minutes and when I came back it was playing. It’s not working right now for me though, my internet connection blows. The only thing of value that I really saw was the highlight of Cummings’ goal – low left footed shot to the near post from about 19 yards, Gutierrez gave him too much space.


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