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Seattle Sounders FC targets Ljungberg


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GoalSeattle, the Seattle-based soccer blog, has revealed a rumor that Seattle Sounders FC has targeted Swedish midfielder Freddie Ljungberg as a potential Designated Player. A West Coast source has confirmed that Seattle has, in fact, been in contact with Ljungberg and are trying to lure the former Arsenal star to the Pacific Northwest.

Is Ljungberg worthy of a DP? He does have the combination of skill and good looks ala David Beckham, only with a fraction of the star power.  Count me among those who don’t think signing him to a DP contract would be a wise move. I think he could be a good player in MLS, but with only one DP per team, you have to wonder if he’s the one you want launching an expansion franchise.

What do you think? Is Freddie Ljungberg DP-worthy?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Nick, on behalf of the worldwide Swedish population I would like to say shame on you. Ibrahimovic turned 27 like a week ago. He’s a year younger than Ronaldinho. He’s the same age as Eto’o and Berbatov. He’s six months older than Kaka. There’s still plenty of time for him to lead the Swedes to the promised land and he’s still got 5 years left in Europe at least.

  2. Re: Nick on JLeague

    MLS is unlikely to attract JLeague players since there basically isn’t a salary cap in Japan (there are on youth players but it goes away pretty fast).

    JLeague players are comfortable in Japan, their language and country … you would have to overpay most of them to come to the US since it’s not considered a step up from what they already have.

    If a player wants to be on the NT, they’re also unlikely to consider a move to MLS.

  3. the whole “get an asian DP” baffles me.

    I have been going to soccer games/events over many many years in this town and I can tell you that I have yet to see the “asian” community come out and show up.

    It just aint there folks. It just aint.

  4. There are no bad players that start in teh brazialian league and they would tear MLS apart try anyone on FLuminese. Denilson couldn’t start in the brazialin are th qatar league or any league. you take anyone on fluminese, sao paolo or internacaional anyone who starts for them would tear mls apart. you cant even nameone player from the barzilain league so shos how much you know.

  5. I’m not too familiar with the racial demographics of Seattle but why not try to sign Dong Fangzhou? He’s not with a club at the moment, he may not be Japanese but he’s asian, he’s fairly young, and has experince from being at Manchester United (even a few champions league matches!). I think he might cost a bit, but won’t command a transfer fee, and could bring a lot to the club. Or if they’re after Japanese players, why not sign a few straight out of the J-League? It’s a pretty good league, and we haven’t seen almost any Asian players in MLS. Japanese players might not be big and strong, but they are amazingly quick and are very good technically. Sure, they won’t have the big names, but they’ll up the level of play, and get a whole new demographic of players to start being considered by other clubs. If the club wants to sign a scandinavian player, why not try this: if buisness is good say 3-5 years down the road, and the fanbase is expanding quickly, but there still is no scandanavian player playing for Seattle, why not break the bank and sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic (spelled that wrong) when he’s out of contract at Inter? He’s quite up there in terms of age, and when his Inter contract expires he’ll be around 32-34 (I believe he’s either 29 or 30 now). He won’t command a transfer fee. He might cost a lot, but will still have that incredible nose for the goal and probably will have a bigger scoring impact than Juan Pablo Angel. And the signing of him won’t just bring out the swedes (even though he’s considered one of the best swedish players EVER), he might even bring out a few Italians, who would know him from his days at Juventus and Inter Milan! Why not try that? Might not be the cheapest route but if Seattle are doing well and have cash to spare I say go for it! It could turn out to be great!

  6. “i say give Frankie a chance”

    Frankie who? Hejduk? He’s in Columbus already… 😉

    If you’re talking “Freddie”, then give ‘im a chance

  7. DP= someone who is gonna score goals or create goals.

    GOOD DP= Blanco, Angel

    OK DP= Beckham

    BAD DP= Davino, Chad Barrett, Will Hesmer

  8. Yes… thats why Denilson “teared” MLS apart.

    plenty of players who formally played in the Brazilian league, some are good …others arent.

    i say give Frankie a chance, but as DP. maybe something along the lines that we pay Darren Huckerby.

  9. The only place the mls should be looking for talent is south america. Freddie montero starts for columbias national team and leads the columbian league in goals. he would be a lock for mvp and proably the best young player in the history of the league. MLS needs to look at South American players like Slavador Cabanas, Humberto Suazo, Carlos Bueno, Sebastian Abreu, Rodrigo Palacio, anyone in the brazialin league would absoultely tear the mls apart. It so obvious I don’t know why it hasn’t been done.

  10. As bad as the UK media has trashed MLS since Beckham arrived, your going to have a helluva time convincing any big name player to come play in MLS. They need to concentrate on South America looking for the DP’s.

  11. Ives,

    I concur with the earlier comment regarding the negative political ads. This is not the first time I have seen one on your site nor is it the first time I have complained about it. Morever, both that I have seen have been attacks on Obama which makes me think you are promoting a particular view. You are entitled to your political opinion but I don’t have to keep coming to you for my news if you are going to pander it on your site. Please, try to keep them off. If I see another, I will make good on my promise to seek my soccer news elsewhere despite my overall respect for the hard work you do and the overall quality of product you provide.



  12. With the exception of Argentina, I like European league football much more than South American & 10 times more than Mexican or Central American soccer. I only get FSE in PR, so I’ve had to put up with the Honduran league many a night. However, there are good young players in the region and we should buy them as DPs, and not old EPL stars. Lets put some scouts and money int CONCACAF’s best talent.

  13. Freddie won’t sell tickets? there are only a few dps that will sell tickets and none of them want to go to the mls. Winning sell tickets andfreddie will help seatle win if healthy so therefore he will selll tickets. your poiunts been disproven im right im a genuis. i win!!!!!!!!!

  14. Loved Freddie as a Gunner but he’s so injury prone that I wouldn’t sign him, especially at DP level. And he won’t sell tickets so what’s the point?

  15. I think Ljungberg would play at about the level of Donovan. Not quite as quick but more consistent.

    Now he wouldn’t sell tickets. But every team in MLS would jump at the chance to get another Donovan.

  16. Ives- why would the club consider Ljungberg if he has already turned them down? If he has turned them down why even state that they were talking? Thanks.

    “The fact that the club is considering Ljungberg could mean that he has already turned them down.”


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