Where should MLS expand to next?

Where should MLS expand to next?

Major League Soccer

Where should MLS expand to next?



It has been more than two months since Major League Soccer approved plans to add two expansion teams by 2011 and the speculation about which two markets will be chosen is rampant.

In every corner of the United States, and various parts of Canada, there is growing buzz about MLS potentially choosing them. There are the favorites, such as New York, and the darkhorses, like Ottawa, but we still aren’t close to knowing which two cities will receive teams.

What if it were up to you to decide? What if you could vote on which two teams joined MLS by 2011? Here is your chance. I want you to select two cities to be the next two to receive MLS expansion franchises:

Who did you pick and why? Share your thoughts and selections in the comments section below.

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