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Altidore and Adu headline 20-man USA roster for Guatemala qualifier


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Jozy Altidore, Kenny Cooper and Freddy Adu headline a roster of 20 players called in for Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier against Guatemala at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

Here is the squad:

GOALKEEPERS: Brad Guzan, Troy Perkins, Matt Pickens

DEFENDERS: Jonathan Bornstein, Sean Franklin, Cory Gibbs, Clarence Goodson, Drew Moor, Michael Parkhurst

MIDFIELDERS: Freddy Adu, Davy Arnaud, Ricardo Clark, Sacha Kljestan, Pablo Mastroeni, John Thorrington

FORWARDS: Jozy Altidore, Conor Casey, Brian Ching, Kenny Cooper, Chris Rolfe

Some of the new faces include MLS rookie of the year Sean Franklin, Chicago Fire midfielder John Torrington and Mr. Fan Favorite himself, Kenny Cooper.

Colorado striker Conor Casey also gets a well-earned nod after finishing the MLS season strongly. Casey and Rapids teammate Cory Gibbs join Pablo Mastroeni in the contingent of Colorado players who could play in front of their home fans.

What do you think of this group? Who are you looking forward to see play? We’ll save lineup projections for Monday. For now just share your thoughts on the roster in the comments section below.


  1. beckster – while i understand your point, i will say all the players you’ve mentioned are either starters with the nats or have been capped numerous times in the past year… BB is not bringing in players just to keep them fit, thats what the club is suppose to do…. BB is bringing in some players who’ve had a good season, and are now in their off season…

    there is nothing wrong with him giving intl’ exp. to deepen our pool…. we do not need to see Beasley, Edu, Pearce, etc… i would like to see some randoms get their shot for a change… we’ve had enough of the same over and over again this year… i for one am welcoming the new blood…. perhaps one of the MLS’ers you are counting out shines and has a healthy start to improving his stance on his depth….

  2. Kickoff at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park for the USA’s first-ever World Cup qualifier in the state of Colorado is set for 6 p.m. MT, and the match will be shown live on ESPN Classic and Galavision.

  3. CO_Soccer_FAN – it wasnt a roster, it was a training camp… it was stated MANY times that only a number from that camp would possibly be brought up….

  4. northzax – i already pointed that his age is my whole problem with bringing up the likes of Reis or Busch…..

    Pickens has a bright future?? as a fire fan i would normally agree with that, but seeing as he’s bounced all around europe for the past year, i dont see that being accurate…. i would have rather had brought in Seitz or Westberg… but i understand your point, i was merely defending Busch’s ability at playing GK….

  5. sawatsky – I wasn’t suggesting that Cooper was an ‘experimental’ or ‘reward’ pick. I was noting that if BB lumped him into that category, where I personally would place Arnaud, Casey, and Thorrington, that it doesn’t bode well for Cooper’s long-term USMNT future. I hope it doesn’t, tho.

  6. As per usual with a BB lineup, we are overstocked at one position, and woefully short at another.

    For me, we don’t have a natural LM palyer, and only one natural LB. And are overloaded at F and RM. Let’s take a look.

    Defense: Decent job, thin at LB.

    LB: Bornstein, Gibbs

    RB: Moor, Franklin

    CB: Parkhurst, Goodson, Gibbs, Franklin

    Franklin can play almost anywhere, and Gibbs could play left in extremis, or could, can he still?

    Midfield: No one at LM, Overload at RM.

    DM: Mastroeni, Clark

    CM: Clark, Kljestan, Thorington

    AM: Kljestan, Adu

    RM: Arnaud, Kljestan, Rolfe, Thorington

    LM: Adu


    Target: Ching, Casey, Altidore, Cooper.

    Withdrawn: Adu, Rolfe, Altidore, Cooper.

  7. Last week Colorado fans were on here saying that Gibbs had not looked very good this season, yet most people on this thread have penciled him as a starting CB. What gives?

    Maybe more like:


  8. James- Slow down there on Tierney. I’m all for the success of Nobles grads, but come on, best American LB? Um, talk to me when you can beat out Jay Heaps.

    Brant- I don’t think Cooper should be considered as “experimental” as some of the newbies called in this time. Remember (no one seems to) that BB tried to call in Cooper last time and Cooper turned him down! So it’s not like BB is just now getting around to calling him in.

  9. Brett,

    Not saying they should bring in the A squad at all. Bring in all the European players who aren’t playing to keep them in form – they are a cut above (Beasley, Edu, Adu, Jozy, Pearce, Convey etc; The European players who are playing but haven’t had much of a shot (Demeritt, Hahamann etc) and the MLS players who really have a shot at this (Sacha,and the forwards). Not suggesting that Gouch, Boca, Howard, Donovan, Dolo, Bradley etc be brought in.

  10. I like the selections of Altidore, Adu, Franklin and Parkhurst. But how about Chris Tierney and Joe Cannon. I know Tierney does not have much experience but that doesn’t mean you don’t want him on the national team. He has good offensive skills, is fast and might just be the best LB USA has at the moment. and Joe Cannon should be strongly considered as a back-up to Howard. I would also give Torres another start.

  11. I bought the tickets two months ago with hopes to see Altidore, Adu and a few others play so I was a little disappointed to say the least when the USMNT roster first came out.

    I’m really pumped now that Altidore and Adu have been added to the roster and can’t wait to watch the game. The weather in Denver is unseasonably warm this week so its just keeps getting better by the minute. Go USA!

  12. I’m interested to see how the back line handles Guatemala, and also who gets the start on the left. Of course it depends on the formation, but I think Kljestan is the best option on the left, in this lineup. He can at least give more defensive help on Rodriguez than Adu will.

    It’s hard to imagine Bradley stick to the 4-5-1 after calling in 5 forwards, but with the inexperienced back line, you never know. I think Altidore and Ching start up top, with Cooper replacing Ching in the second half. Rolfe’s been on fire though, so he might see some time too, maybe in right midfield.

  13. Not too many complaints about the roster. I would have loved to see Szetela, but I can understand that Bradley didn’t want to call in anybody getting consistent time in Europe.

  14. Brett:

    sure, Busch is a good MLS keeper, but size does matter in the international game. why waste a camp spot on a 32 year old guy with no real international experience (1 senior cap, 5 youth caps) who is too small for the international game, when you can give them to a 26 and 27 year old with brighter futures? Guzan is the guy, Perkins is the backup, Pickens won’t be in uniform.

  15. Ching———Altidore




    Bornstein —- Gibbs–Parkhurst—Franklin


    Expect to see Moor start over Franklin (but I want to see Franklin at this level)

    Love that Gibbs is slowly coming back.

    Expect Cooper to be subbed in up top.

    Wish Wynne was playing. Won’t be surprised if Jozy starts on the bench and BB opts for a 4-5-1. with Rolfe, Adu, Clark, Mastro, Sascha to start with Ching as the lone forward.

    I hope not though.

    And welcome back Conor Casey. Good to see you playing with the Nats again.

  16. beckster – so you are saying that he should have brought in the full a-squad?? i dont agree with your statement in the slightest…

    time is never up on trying new faces…. im positive Bradley has a starting XI in his mind he aims to continue to play and call up, but in a qualifier (having already qualified) game why not bring up some possible players who have had quality seasons with their respected teams?? why continue to call up the same batch despite the fact that they are currently in the middle of their seasons abroad??

  17. northzax – you should know by this season alone, that size has NOTHING to do with Busch’s ability of playing GK….

    Busch may be short by GK standards, but he’s proven again and again he’s a quality GK….

    however, i would agree with your assesment on Reis, and lump Busch into the same description… Busch is simply getting up their in age… guzan will start and play the full game, while pickens and perkins will simply add depth and grow through training…

  18. Very few MLS players can handle the technical skills and speed requirements of the international game. They aren’t always tested in Concacaf which is a relatively weak league. Bradley has been “trying out” players for 2 years. Time’s up. He should be focused on getting the players who realistically will vie for spots in 2010 on the field. This isn’t the team and they are going to have difficulty with Guatamala.

  19. let’s see if Casey can work his way back on to the team. I am surprised Mastroeni did not go overseas.

    I am interested in seeing Adu and Altidore attempt to work magic together.

  20. What we’ll see:






    What I’d like to see:







    This lineup would make for some entertaining fooootballl….if some scary moments in the back.

  21. Pachuca’s Paco Torres did not play this weekend as his team tied their game against Atlas and wound up being eliminated from playoff qualification on the last weekend of the Mexican regular season.

    Don’t know whether Torres has a minor injury,was suspended or whether it was the coach’s decision not to play him. When the list of players for the Guatemala game was announced, Pachuca had not yet been eliminated – so it’s possible Bradley left Torres off the list so he could train with his club team for playoffs. Pachuca still has the World Club Championship next month in Japan.

    8 teams make the playoffs into Mexico’s postseason “Liguilla”. Interestingy, the other Paco Torres from Santos was called up by Sven for Mexico’s friendly against Ecuador last week.

  22. I like it, it give a different face of the USNMT. How many time we want to give new players a chance to get a call for the USA team. I know this is not the actually The A-Team but it can give a look at some new players. Like Casey, Cooper, Franklin, Rolfe, Arnaud, goodson, and Welcome back Gibbs. We now had look at Davis, Orozco, Torres, and I hope we get to see more new faces, WOW we are going to scare some of the team in our Area because the USA can Make at least Two or Three competative National Team. I’m excited to see this team. Especially having Altidore and Cooper at front and Adu in the middle guiding the attack..GO USA!!!

  23. here we go again,

    Whether BB plays a full team of youngsters all at once or incorporates 3-4 into the team he used to advance to the hexagonal doesn’t matter. Either way he accomplishes the same thing. You’re right in thinking that only a handful (3-4 maybe a couple more) have a legitimate shot at making the 2010 roster, but fielding a team of almost all new faces especially in a game that is so crucial to Guat. is a more efficient way to evaluate players. Let the experienced players (most of whom are in the middle of important seasons) rest, and I tink we’ll see a slower inclusion of the young guys like you suggested in the next round.

  24. I don’t see why Casey gets a nod for scoring 9 goals minus his pk’s. The guy has cement feet, I hope this off-season he can drop the weight and get a bit of speed and stamina back.







  25. Where’s Chad Marshall?

    Why does an unassigned goalkeeper (Pickens) and a guy in the Norwegian league (Perkins) get called up over MLS studs like Matt Reis, Jon Busch, and Will Hesmer?

  26. tim f- theres no way casey starts over cooper…






    BB will start people he knows….adu at left mid is a chance, but i think a mid including Adu Klejstan and Thor would be solid enough… Mastro has the exp…. bornstein used to be a regular with Bob both club and country… parkhurst is our best CB option, so an obvious pick…Cooper will only get the start assuming Adu is pushed back into the mid or wing….

    Rolfe could come in at right mid or up top

    Ching could start up top or come in as a sub

    clark could start at dmid or as a sub

  27. I’m just glad to see Bradley mixing it up with the call-ups FINALLY. Hopefully he’ll be willing to mix it up with the formation too, because I think Altidore paired with another striker would be a fantastic look (especially seeing that 3 of the other 4 strikers are big guys that Altidore could run off of). Hopefully the fact that he brought in five strikers implies he’ll be using more of them.


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