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Seattle Sounders FC closing in on Schmid

SigiSchmid (AP) 

Just two days after becoming the first coach in MLS history to win MLS Cup titles with two different teams, Sigi Schmid stands poised to try to win a title with a third team.

Schmid is on the verge of accepting a deal to become the first head coach of Seattle Sounders FC, multiple sources within MLS told SBI on Tuesday. Schmid's current contract with the MLS Cup champion Columbus Crew expires on Sunday, meaning he could be introduced as Seattle's head coach as soon as Monday.

Crew owner Clark Hunt stated on Sunday that he believed talks had been going well with Schmid and that he hoped to sign Schmid to a new deal, but Seattle's ownership group has made Schmid a strong offer that sources say Schmid is prepared to accept. Details of the Seattle contract offer were unavailable at this time.

New England assistant Paul Mariner had also been considered a strong candidate for the position, but Schmid remains Seattle's top target and the sides are close to an agreement to bring Schmid back to the West Coast four years after being fired by the Los Angeles Galaxy. Schmid led the Galaxy to the 2002 MLS Cup title.

If and when a Schmid-to-Seattle deal is finalized, the Crew will be expected to turn to former Crew standout and long-time assistant coach Robert Warzycha to take over as head coach. Warzycha is one of the most respected assistants in MLS.

While Warzycha is likely to replace Schmid, Crew assistant Mike Lapper is expected to join Schmid's staff in Seattle, along with former Seattle Sounders coach Brian Schmetzer.

What do you think of Schmid going to Seattle? Is it a smart move for him? Do you love the move for Seattle? Do you think Warzycha is ready to take over and keep the Crew as title contenders?

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  1. “I’m sorry to hear you’re a member of the winning ugly is better than not winning club.”

    Your argument about defensive soccer being boring is the most ignorant sports analysis ever. Offenses win games. Defenses win championships. Championships are never ugly. Greece in Euro 2004 was amazing. Watch them destroy teams by playing great tactical defense, as a team, together. If Sigi wants to play “boring” soccer here in Seattle better than the rest of the league so be it. I’ll gladly watch a team here finally win a championship because of it.

    Perhaps figure skating is the kind of beautiful your looking for. Can’t play defense in that “sport.”

  2. Yet another of the people rushing to jump on the Schmid bandwagon. Has no knowledge of the game, just knows to follow the crowd. Probably one of the people who thought Arena was a great coach until the masses told him different, and then he jumped on that bandwagon.

  3. “When Schmid was fired from the Galaxy when the Galaxy were in first place, it was well deserved. A lot of people like to make a big deal out of this, but the fact that the Galaxy did very little right after Schmid left has nothing to do with the decision to fire Schmid. That decision may have been the last thing they got right.”


    Wow. Don’t know if I’ve ever read a more misguided post anywhere anytime. So far off base that it’s hysterical.


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