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Time to vote on U.S. Soccer’s ‘Best Of’ series


Attention U.S. Soccer fans. It is time have your say in choosing the best of the best in American Soccer.

Voting has begun in U.S. Soccer’s ‘Best Of’ series, with the following categories up for grabs:

  • Best Soccer Bar
  • Best Soccer Specialty Store
  • Best Blog
  • Best Fan Photo
  • Best Video: All_Access
  • Best Performance: Team
  • Best Performance: Player
  • Best Assist
  • Best Photo
  • Best Goal: Men’s National Team
  • Best Goal: Women’s National Team
  • Best Goal: Academy

SBI has been nominated in the Best Blog category, along with fellow Designated Players The Offside Rules and duNord, as well as SBI correspondent James Tyler’s The Unprofessional Foul. 2007 Best Blog winner Soccer Insider and first-time nominee The Red Card are also in the mix.

To vote, just go to the Best Of Awards blog and cast your vote. Click on the category icon and choose from the candidates.

Now get out there and vote! (Also feel free to share your thoughts on any of the categories and nominees in the comments section below.


  1. Just a heads up

    If you are using safari on mac, the voting won’t work. You’ll need to download Mozilla or something else. Vote Ives!

  2. All Points Bulletin:

    Anyone know of a decent soccer-friendly bar or pub in Boston?

    I’m relatively new to the city, and I want to catch the US match on Wed night. Anything that is “T” accessible would be copasetic.


  3. G-loff, I guess we have to make do with the (very, very good) picture from Cuba with the smoke and a couple of folks in the bandanas. That was my fav.

    Onyewu’s goal was my favorite just because of the way the play developed. It was also a beautifully placed header.


  4. I know they probably would never put it on there, but I think the best fan picture should have been the few fans that went down to Cuba and had their faces covered by American flag bandannas and sunglasses.

  5. In the spirit of the political season just past, rumor has it every blog, besides SBI, has fathered an illegitimate asian baby and has ties to suspected domestic terrorists.

    Do we really want bloggers “pallin around with terrorists?”

    VOTE SBI 2008!!! The blog for the soccer fans of the “REAL” America

  6. I was assuming the voting for best fan-photo would have been a no-brainer with the scantilly-clad pitch invader Tiffany May being clear cut winner.

    AMAZINGLY,she’s not even one of the nominees!!

    Also, on the bars, MacDinton’s in Tampa would have had my vote. 2 for 1 before 7 everyday along with packing the place for early Saturday and Sunday morning matches on Setanta and FSC. Can’t get parking within 3 blocks for CL finals.

  7. i want to one day be the owner of a sports bar in Queens, that will one day be the mecca of soccer for those east of Manhattan.

    until then, Nevadas will do.

    And as far as blogs though, Goff and Ives have it wrapped, but I love what Jersey Texan does (even if we share similar titles in our respective blogs!). Offside Rules does a great job of keeping things funny and informative.


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