Where will you be watching MLS Cup?

Where will you be watching MLS Cup?


Where will you be watching MLS Cup?



Columbus Crew and New York Red Bulls fans will be experience something 13 years in the making this weekend when they finally see their respective teams square off in the 2008 MLS Cup final on Sunday.

While hundreds of lucky fans will make the pilgrimage to Home Depot Center to see their home teams in the final, there will be thousands more who can’t make the trip and will be watching the event back home. Here’s my question to you Crew and Red Bulls fans: Where will you be watching?

Will you be in your home, wearing your faded Stern John or Roberto Donadoni jersey? Will you be at your favorite soccer bar? Will you be hiding under a bed with a radio and headphones, figuring the world must be set to end if these two teams were finally able to reach the final?

This is for those Crew and Red Bulls who aren’t making the trip (a post for those who are making the cross-country trip will come later). For those who are staying home, share with us where you will be watching on Sunday in the comments section below.

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