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Alvarez ineligible for El Salvador

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When American-born San Jose Earthquakes midfielder Arturo Alvarez stated his public desire to play for the El Salvador National Team last week, it was upsetting news for USA fans who considered him a viable left wing prospect and thought they were losing yet another prospect to a foreign country.

Upon closer inspection, Alvarez will be denied the opportunity to join Los Cuscatlecos. Alvarez represented the United States at the U-20 level in the qualification tournament for the 2005 FIFA Youth World Championship. With Alvarez currently being 23 years old, he can no longer apply for the one-time National Team switch. Per FIFA guidelines, a player can only make the change before his 21st birthday, which means that the Houston native can only play for the U.S. national team.

A high-ranking source at U.S. soccer confirmed on Saturday that Alvarez can only play for the United States.

Alvarez played for the USA under Sigi Schmid on two occasions in 2005 Under-20 World Cup qualifying tournament, a 69-minute start against Costa Rica and a 13-minute appearance off the bench against Panama.

What do you think of Alvarez attempting to play for El Salvador? Think he was tired of waiting for a call from the U.S. national team? Think he is worthy of a call-up? Think this stunt should keep him from getting called up again? Do you see Alvarez trying to appeal to FIFA to be allowed to play for El Salvador?

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  1. I think he deserve a chance to play with el salvador national team. The team is at a great development and could use a player like alvarez. This maybe what el salvador need to advance to the world cup 2009 its not going to be easy. Alvarez is a talented player. I hope fifa understands

  2. U.S National Team Sucks. Mexico will win on Feb 11. Its funny how the national team does not have any true americans on the team. They are all from different descents. the U.S fans do not know how to follow their team. Everything they know about soccer is straight from the text book. just like the players soccer skills

  3. FTP to all the U.S National Players and Followers. El Salvador has always been better. The U.S has just gotten better in this new decade. The U.S has no Soccer history. All they have is Baseball and Football. What kind of history do ya have Roy Lasiter,Eric Minalga, Coby Jones, Alexis Nalgas?? none of these garbage players were anywhere near as good as Jorge (el magico) Gonzales. He’s known all over Europe and one of Maradonas best friends.

  4. i think this guy will make te difference this is the type of player el salvador needs to become a better team.alvarez keep up with your style you are the best.

  5. Obviously the US is not really interested in Arturo… Otherwise he would’ve been called to the US national team a long time ago… so if the US doesn’t want him…. we’ll take him… He’s a really good soccer player and El Salvador needs a player like him to play alongside Eliseo Quintanilla… And plus as of right now FIFA has the ultimate decision on his eligibility to play for El Salvador… at this point it doesn’t matter how old he is or how many US youth clubs he played for… FIFA will decide his fate… I would really like to see Arturo wearing El Salvador’s jersey and scoring a couple of goals against the US… The US national team failed to recognize his skills and potential or probably did not think he was good enough for the US team…. Arturo can play for El Salvador any time….

  6. hello arturo es muchisimo me jor jugador que cual quier bolante que u s tiene en estos momentos esmas abilidoso mas en teligente solo tienen que ver los bideos en youtube para que seden cuenta la calidad que tiene e l cueyo rojo de bradly esta ciego o loco

  7. I don’t want to be too broad, but I don’t understand why American fans find it offensive when a foreign decent player decides to play for another national team (Quakeland). I hope FIFA does make an exception with him and let him play for ES. If ES wants him, well let ES have him, obviously, he’s being overlooked by American coaches. Mark, you’re moron. Adu is overrated and I agree with Steve.

  8. I completely agree with the above statement. I cant believe how some US fans are taking this, its every kids dream to play in the World Cup, i would like to know anyone who wouldn’t try their luck.

    El Salvador has been asking him to join their MNT for quite some time, to the point where many Salvis were getting offended that he neither declined nor accepted the offer. He allegedly didnt respond to their phone calls and messages. But can you blame him?

    If he isnt going to play for the US what is up with the backlash against the kid if he decides to finally respond to ES? If he isn’t in their plans why are Americans getting their panties in a bunch? If the appeals go through great. If it doesnt oh well, at least he tried to get something done, though it may be too late. Im from Houston, and Salvadoran, I would have loved for him to represent my city and my roots.

  9. Army of Dad,

    – Arturo waited very patiently and loyally for Bradley to call him up. The invitation from El Salvador has been there for a LONG time and Alvarez turned it down waiting for a call from Bradley. Now Bradley released his list of player for the Hexagonal, and Alvarez is NOT part of Bradley’s plans. So understandably, after the list of player was released, Alvarez is now trying to go to El Salvador.

    – It is selfish to try to hold him back and prevent him from playing with another team. The USMNT already declared that Alvarez is not in their plans. This is like if your boss did not promote you and would not give you a good reference to prevent you from getting a different job. It’s imoral.

    – At 23 Alvarez is not young anymore. The US has a very robust soccer factory now. This year is the last year for World Cup qualifying and Bradley already picked his men. By the time this soccer administration changes and the next qualifying starts Alvarez will be an old man competing with 3 new talented crops of players.

    – Work hard? no, realistically Arturo may improve some but he will not suddenly develop talents he did not have before. Again, the USMNT has picked its players and Arturo is not one of them. You can’t hold him back out of spite and for selfish reasons.

    That being said, the FIFA rules are clear.

  10. the us federation is going to agree to let him go to el salvador in article 18 also saids that a player could switch association as long he has not played and mayor international match a game meaning mens national teams arturo played in us youth team an a official game when he was 19 years old so he would be elgible to play he is only 23 anf fifa could make an a exception you could go and read the article so you could get your own answer why would it be a problem for the us if they have alot of other players to choose from

  11. Alvarez may well have gotten a call to the current USMNT camp had he not been trying to switch to El Sal.

    Look at Kenny Cooper, many of us agree that Bob Bradley should have called him up long before he did. Kenny wasn’t the first player here or abroad that didn’t get the call when he and the fans thought he should and he won’t be the last.

    Atruro is stuck with US; it may be that the best he can hope for is a change in USMNT managers. Yes, it sucks, but there are many players who find themselves in that position. If Atruro works hard he may well be given a chance to contribute here. The USSF would be fools to allow him to leave; if he makes the opposition better then that is always a bad thing for us. They have a duty to look out for what is best for American soccer.

  12. its funny how americans judge people!! arturo keep doing what your doing i know its hard when a coach dosent give you a chance to shine but calls a bench warmer to the camp!! please some one answer me that?? hopefully FIFA lets you play for el salvador you will help them a lot!! good luck this season and hopefully ill se you play in SPAIN one day!!!


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