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Sounders complete Montero deal

FredyMontero (AP) 

The Seattle Sounders took a major step toward making their first season in MLS a memorable one by completing the acquisition of young Colombian forward Fredy Montero.

Seattle reached an agreement with Deportivo Cali for Montero, with Montero's acquisition of a P-1 visa being the last obstacle to the move being completed.

The 21-year-old goal scorer from Deportivo Cali has already played for the Colombian national team and enters the 2009 MLS season as one of the most high-profile signings of the winter.

It should also be noted though that the last high-profile goal scorer from the Colombia league to come to MLS was Sergio Galvan Rey, who never did quite duplicate his goal-scoring success in Colombia with the Red Bulls.

That aside, Montero enters MLS as one of the most highly-anticipated young acquisitions in league history. He should partner with Nate Jaqua, Sebastian LeToux and Freddie Ljungberg in an attack that should cause some problems for opposing defenses in 2009.

If you haven't seen Montero play, here are some highlights:

What do you think of the signing? Think he will be a big hit in MLS? Do you see him struggling in year one? Can you see him heading to Europe before the year even ends?

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  1. Great signing.
    Here’s hoping MLS scouts are at the U-20 South American tournament. There are some great talents being showcased right now that can be had.
    I have to believe Toja succeeding in MLS and finding a starting place on a team in a Champions League match soon after played a role here.

  2. Spot-on from Seattle, great signing. This is what MLS teams need to be doing. Signing good, young players. MLS needs to sign players that are big at the U-21, U-20, etc… levels, and once academies open, from the U-17 level as well. And not just from Central America, MLS should be looking to sign young talent from all over: Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, etc. That’s how the level of quality goes up, and that’s how the level of play goes up. If we can get a high level of play within MLS, teams from the league will start winning big time tournaments, and will open up more moves to big time leagues by way of MLS.

  3. AWESOME!!!
    This is the first expansion team I am excited to watch.
    They are putting together a serious squad.
    Can’t wait for the first game against RedBull. Its gonna be a killer!

  4. The boys were apperently playing 3-4-3 in the first scrimmage. Quite telling of the positions we have, eh!

    We’re going to have to beef up on defense, and I really hope we get Parke.

    That being said, the offense could be a site to behold if it clicks. I’m shocked we got Fredy, but he’s gonna make good. I think we’ll only have him for a few years, but I’ll take it!

  5. Qwest was originally built to house both footballs. The Seahawks couldn’t get the votes to pass the stadium until they changed the design to accommodate FIFA and built the stadium for dual use. That brought the the soccer lobby into the fold, which put the stadium over the top.

    We have a soccer stadium, it’s called Qwest. If the team gets hot for a playoff run then we just might be able to fill it up.


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