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USA to announce World Cup bid plans

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U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati has scheduled a conference call for Monday to announce U.S. Soccer's bid intentions for the upcoming FIFA World Cups. Gulati will reveal which World Cup U.S. Soccer will make a bid for (2018 or 2022) and will also introduce Executive Director of the bid committee.

Which World Cup will it be? The USSF is set to bid on both World Cups. The United States had long been considered a strong candidate for 2018, but with the deep field of contenders for that World Cup the United States could eventually wind up shifting its directions toward 2022.

As strange as it is to be talking about an event that is 13 years away, we can still start to think about which tournament would be better for the United States. Might the current state of the American economy make pushing back the target bid more prudent? Should the USSF stay in the 2018 race and try and knock off the likes of England?

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  1. @Aussie Phil

    Given the financial situation China may not be contentder everyone is betting on. their economy is dependent on the US economy consuming their cheap goods. We but the most. That and game times were brutal anyone remember Korea Japan Yikes. FIFA had big issues with that the ratings weren’t great

  2. America can forget about 2018 and 2022. 2018 will go to europe and 2022 will go to china.

    Europe needs to have it at least every 2nd or 3rd tournament.

    Soccer has a massive fanbase in China and FIFA, much like the IOC did with the Olympics, will cash in on it. China will build new stadiums just for the fun of it and they will spend multi-millions for soccer development to ensure they are competitive.

    The USA then could bid for 2026.


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