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Liverpool lives as Torres topples Chelsea

Fernando Torres 5 (Reuters) 

Liverpool was on the verge of dropping points yet again, and falling further behind Chelsea, but not before Fernando Torres stepped up and played the hero at Anfield yet again.

Torres scored two late goals to help Liverpool post a 2-0 victory against Chelsea on Sunday. The win pulled Liverpool to within two points of Manchester United while the loss dropped Chelsea a full five points back with Manchester United holding a game in hand on both teams.

Torres scored the winner in the 89th minute of a streaking header, then put the match away in stoppage time with his second.

What did you think of today's match? Feel Liverpool deserved the win? Think the referee ruined the match with his red card on Frank Lampard? Do you see Liverpool catching Man Utd?

Share your thoughts below. 


  1. Keane is back to Tottenham? Good for him. He was a mid table striker at best.

    What about Daniel Agger? He is an impressive defender though Skrtel is amazing.

    Gerrard/Torres are beautiful on the field and Benyaoun is taking himself to top form.

    Yeahhhh REDS

  2. Lampard deserved the red, period. He came flying in on the ground, studs completely up and hack down Alonso who was still standing. They are trying to cut out these kind of tackles (how many broken feet do we need to have) and he was punished accordingly.

    However, the fact that a ref who was standing 1 foot away from Bosingwa didn’t see him kick a player, now that’s shameful.

    Liverpool deserved to win, Chelsea needs a rethink.

  3. Scolari Must GO!

    Chelsea deserved to lose this game and has been bad all season. How is it that nobody is talking about firing Scolari? He’s been awful. The team was better under Avram Grant last year than under Scolari this year!

  4. Well, if I have red colored glasses so be it. I’d rather see a red card when players make vicious challenges like that than somebody bleeding with a compound fracture. Either way you’re seeing red, except one way doesn’t involve months of recovery.

    Team loyalties aside, it was an awful challenge and I hope he’s given a few games off the pitch to practice his tackling and consider his play before he ends somebody’s career.

    Again, plays like that have no place in the game, at all.

  5. To all those saying Lampard’s red card was a joke you’re not realizing the angle the ref had. From the replays from the side it looks to be the wrong call, but from the replay showing the ref’s view it looks vicious. Check out the replays again.

    Bosingwa on the other hand. Don’t know how that could be completely missed.

    Manu gets another soft penalty at Old Trafford. Old habits die hard.

  6. IVES,

    why is it that on a soccer blog with an American voice, you seem cover happenings in the Premiership (as a side venture)?
    (yet neglect other international leagues)

    why are Americans soo obsessed with the Premiership?!

  7. lol bosingwa should be banned for atleast 3 game for that…I saw it first and im like uhhh wtf?then i saw the replay,and yes thats what I thought I saw

  8. Probably the most attacking minded game I have seen from Liverpool this campaign. Alex singlehandly saved one or two drives from finding nylon. Kuyt’s possesion was sloppy but you cant teach that kind of tenacity and work ethic. Riera seemed very out of place today, Im surprised Rafa didnt make the switch at half time or 5 minutes earlier.

    The FA ought to take a hard look at that Bosingwa cleatting. I hate divers and whiners, but dishing out cheap shots in garbage time is bush league.

  9. Jay-Z, You clearly have “red-colored Glasses”. Lampard got the ball, got there first and was kicked by Alonso. It wasn’t a red and could have been Xabi’s 2nd booking. period

  10. Lampard’s tackle was brutal and deserved a red and then some. Studs up, missed the ball, and aimed square at Alonso’s leg. He had every opportunity to see Alonso coming in and still made a reckless challenge.

    Hackery like that has no place in the game…

  11. Man u will win the league. (unfortunately) Liverpool would have to have an act of god to finish strong, especially since it appears their strikeforce wont be at full strength with all the keane drama. It really pains me that a hard fought season can come down to bonkers referee decision. It was no surprise that Mike Riley was flashing cards left and right, that is certainly his form of officiating, but it is a shame that it had to be done in a game of this magnitude and quality. Only decision he got right was booking Gerrard, for his shameful dive on the edge of the area. Very disspointed that this game came down to the fact that Mike Riley is an awful official nine times out of ten. All that being said, the finish from Torres on the first goal was smartly taken. The second goal was rubbish. End result: Mike Riley 1: Chelsea: 0. Pity.

  12. Premiership title is def. not decided. I think Liverpool plays ManU once more, is that right? The Pool beats them and Man U loses another and it’s a new ballgame. Watching Arsenal try to catch Aston Villa might be the most interesting story of the rest of the season.

  13. the lampard call obviously shouldnt have been a red…based on the slow-mo replay thats obvious…alonso probably was moreso the agressor…but…if you look at it at normal speed…you can understand why in the heat of the moment the ref mightve thought that it was a two footed studs high challenge by lampard

  14. I think everyone has touched on the main points:
    – Lampard’s red card was a joke (and I’m as die hard Liverpool you’ll get)

    – Bosingwa should have got at least a yellow if not a red.

    – Liverpool controlled the game even before Lamps’ red, but that most definitely swung the momentum in Pool’s favour.

    – Yossi looking like Luis Garcia in being that “impact” player from the bench

    – Shocked Keane wasn’t even in the squad. A really good quality player it does make me wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

    – A completely different note what did we all think of Landon Donovan’s debut on Friday?

  15. Bosingwa’s antics were at the very least comical, but lampard got the ball first, and then alonso kicked him so i don’t know how it could be a foul.

  16. Great win for the pool. Hate that call for the red card though. Wish they had put more goals in. Yossi just keeps on impressing me. Keano needs to leave. Hate to say that but his talent and pay doesn’t belong on the bench. Gerrard is a machine and rafa better never take him off like he did last Wednesday because he was “tired”, please!

  17. Please, most of the damage was done by xabi kicking in. Lamps was reacting to the play, spun and kicked for the ball. Studs were up in equal amounts between the two. Soft red.

    Chelsea’s title bid is over, and I’m okay with that. This club needs to take a look at its current crop of players and start planning more realistically. Malouda starting on the wing, really?

  18. Thought Liverpool deserved to win. They controlled the ball and field. That being said, Mike Reilly is awful. The Lampard call was not deserved. He missed other calls (like the ball I believe Ballack kicked into the Liverpool player) and showed once again that his terrible officiating changes matches.

  19. i learned three things from this game:

    1. although its still manu’s to win, the race for the league title isn’t over. liverpool has a lot of time to overtake manu. however, chelsea is probably finished. i honestly think aston villa has about the same chance to win the league as chelsea does… while arsenal has about the same chance as spurs at this point. cheer up, gooners, you could very easily win the uefa cup next year.

    2. keano will probably never wear red again, and for everyone’s sake, he shouldn’t. pool obviously don’t need him, nor the distractions. keano doesn’t need to be disrespected like this, he’s too talented to sit on the bench, so he should make up for his mistake and return home to north london and save his spurs. sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

    3. yossi benayoun should get more playing time.

  20. There is no way lampard deserved any kind booking for that foul. The match was great up to that point, but for me the call ruined the game.

  21. LIverpool definitely deserved the win, but the red card was a joke. But the game was controlled by Liverpool…corners, chances, shots.

  22. I thought the Lampard red card was deserved for a sloppy challenge on Alonso, and I’m also not surprised that the English commentators disagreed, since we can imagine where their loyalties lie.

    In addition to Torres, can’t underestimate Yossi Benayoun’s contribution. He really livened up Liverpool when he came on, had a few quality strikes and repeatedly created opportunities. In the last sequence, it seemed he might have had the assist but it looked like Alex toe-poked it away and it went to Torres.


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