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Greetings from Seattle (Notes on Puerto Rico, Altidore and a Red Bulls roster casualty)


Good afternoon/morning all. I'm coming to you from the beautiful city of Seattle, where to my surprise, it isn't raining. I'm sure that will change, but for now it is a pretty enjoyable morning in the Emerald City.

The story of the day is Vancouver's arrival as Major League Soccer's newest team, so you should expect plenty of coverage of that throughout the soccer media landscape (including, where you will eventually find my story on it.)

The time difference and slate of stories to work on has kept me from posting with the usual frequency today, so here is a quick rundown of things that you may or may not have known about:

Puerto Rico smoked Cruz Azul, 2-0, in CONCACAF Champions League semifinal play on Tuesday night. Yes, you can start fantasizing about the Islanders playing in the Club World Cup. Manchester United vs. Puerto Rico. Can you imagine? Well, the Islanders still need to deal with a trip to Mexico in the second leg, as well as a Champions League final, but who says you can't dream?

Reports out of Spain have second-division club Levante attempting to take Jozy Altidore on loan. Yes, he is at Xerez, and yes, the transfer window is closed, but apparently Levante is trying to make it work on the grounds that injuries have forced the club to find an emergency replacement and Altidore has yet to play for Xerez.

New York Red Bulls draft pick Jack Traynor has left the Red Bulls after failing to secure a contract offer, and has already gone to Norway, where he is on trial with Aalesunds FK. His departure should help alleviate some of the roster congestion the Red Bulls are dealing with. Expect two more cuts soon.

The Chicago Fire officially announced the signings of Tim Ward and Stefan Dimitrov.

That's all for now. I will check back in shortly. For now, feel free to share your thoughts on Puerto Rico's triumph, Altidore's potential loan move, and any other soccer stories, in the comments section below.


  1. Reguarding the SI power rankings, this Noah Davis guy said the Wizards stuggled in preseason but I am not sure how NEVER BEENING BEATEN IN PRESEASON means stuggling… and Chicago ranked 5th, what a crack pot

  2. It’s true, Jozy’s fb status suggests he’s back home. But he could just be visiting for a few days, who knows. It does suggest though that he’s not playing for Xerez in the near future.

  3. I can see why js said that… I just checked Josmer’s Facebook page status and it says: “Josmer is home!, get at me.” Who knows what that means, but I can see Why one would think he was back in the U.S.

    Posted by: oh danny boy | March 18, 2009 at 11:52 PM


  4. I can see why js said that… I just checked Josmer’s Facebook page status and it says: “Josmer is home!, get at me.” Who knows what that means, but I can see Why one would think he was back in the U.S.

  5. According to his Facebook page, Jozy seems to be back in the US……

    Posted by: js | March 18, 2009 at 01:34 PM


    Stop making things up.

  6. Anyone against Josy being loan to an MLS team? From the start of the season of the MLS to the start of La Liga?

    Posted by: Emo Dave | March 18, 2009 at 06:03 PM


    Landy Cakes 2?

  7. Jozy shouldn’t have to worry about receiving his wages on time, Villareal is probably the most financially stable club in La Liga outside of Madrid and Barca

    I would also wager they are still paying his wages, while at Xerez and I doubt Levante would be interested in bringing him if Villareal wasn’t still picking up his wage bill.

  8. Everyone sure seems fired up about Levante. One problem: the club is a total disaster. During their La Liga season last year the players would go weeks at a time without being paid. This type of environment will help the development of a young player how exactly?

  9. This whole Xerez move has been a bust. I don’t know what the problem is, but if they have no used for him, he should be someplace where they actually intend to utilize his services.

  10. The Islanders are the best story in sports this year bar none. They should be on the cover of SI because it is the kind of story people make movies about.

    Shame the larger media is more concerned with Labron’s newest tat or Alex R. latest injection update.

  11. I’m surprised to see people expecting a low scoring game on thursday, what with these sketchy defenses/high powered offenses

  12. Ives,

    Is this right, are two expansion teams coming on in 2011 and two more in 2012? I’m looking to understand your twitter update. Or is it that Vancouver starts in 2011, the other team starts in 2012 and one more expansion franchise will be added in 2012?

  13. My fngers are crossed that the Jozy move to Levante happens. It appears that he needs out of Xerez badly since they are pretty clear he won’t see meaningful playing time there.

    I will second RK’s sentiments that at least this is someting other than the usual Jozy news.

  14. Can we have Altidore news when something actually happens? I understand the need to cover another possible transfer, but it feels a lot like when the Becks stuff went on and on. I want Altidore to play as much as the next fan, but the kvetching is tiring.

  15. FYI, I think Xerez and Levante have played their contests this season, there would never be a head-to-head this season.

    @Man — If he can find time (though limited) at Villareal amidst an injury-plagued striking corps, I’d say there’d be a few 2nd div. teams willing to play him.

  16. Regarding SI’s Power Rankings.

    What a joke. That Noah Davis guy must ride the short bus.

    Under KC he says the Wiz should compete for a playoff spot “in the weaker Eastern Conference.”

    Let’s Review:
    2008: 5/8 Teams from the East make it.
    2008: NYRB (East) win the Western Conference.
    2009: TFC add DeRo and Vitti.
    2009: DC get Gomez back.
    2009: KC adds Hirsig and have Wolff/Lopez for a full year.
    2009: Columbus are the defending champs and Chicago a clear #2.
    2009: NY revamps the D and have the best striker in the league.

    Other than New England, every team in the East looks improved, and the top 5 look tough, and if DC gets some D, they’ll be tough too. Heck, and the Revs have the best defensive mid in the league in Joseph.

    Out west, Houston are long in the tooth, Chivas are injury prone, Seattle is an expansion team, and LA is in disarray.


  17. I can see Jozy getting a call up, subbed in in the 89th minute to prevent him from going to Levante, and then never sniffing the pitch again. I wouldn’t put it past this team.

  18. RK,

    Yes and no. The Valladolid issue is a precedence, but Levante is counting on a couple of instances where Eibar and Zaragoza got a player under similar situation as Levante. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    Personally I would love two scenarios. (1) Levante fights for the last spot to go up with Xerez and Jozy scorches Xerez to keep them in the second league: or (2) Xerez makes it to the top level, and Jozy now playing for Villarreal, comes back to torment Xerez in Xerez and contributes to send them back to La Segunda.


  19. Please, let Jozy go to Levante if it means he can play! I don’t know why that club would take him on loan if they weren’t going to play him!

  20. The difference is in the days of precipitation.. although Cleveland has more days of precipitation over .01 then Seattle..

  21. I just saw a drawing of Vancouver’s “roof within a roof” concept, and now that I get it, I really like the idea.

  22. Hey Ives,

    You are the man! I had been waiting to share the news about Jozy. I really hope he moves to Levante. They are mid table right now but are only 11 points off Xerez and 6 from the the third place team with 16 games to go (top three go up to La Liga). Levante only has one available striker right now.

    The crazy thing is that his not playing a single minute for Xerez might help Levante’s case to have the move happen. There are also rumors that Jozy might get a call-up for this week’s game against Las Palmas.


  23. Ives,

    When I was in Seattle they acutally said Manhattan has more avg rainfall than Seattle. Their summers are amazing…REALLY love Seattle.

  24. Ives! Glad that you’re in town! Where you gonna be tomorrow before the big game? I’d like to meet you and say thanks in person for the great blog.

  25. levante wanted altidore in the first place, Spanish press reported. Of course, Xerez got him, though who knows why. Villareal is pissed with Xerez.

  26. jean: this transfer to Levante is only possible due to what Ives wrote: 1) Levante has injuries and 2) Jozy has yet to play. It all depends on league approval, though, and they rejected a different offer on March 2nd for a different player from Valladolid.

  27. I wonder what happened with Ward. He was legit as a young defender with the MetroStars, and he just kind of seemed to peter out.

  28. SBI reporting Puerto Rico fresh with cash from winning World Club Championship sign…..David Beckham who states he has always wanted to help boost the small islands stature…and Posh loves the beaches!

  29. Anyone see’s preseason MLS Power Rankings? They are laughable (Chivas USA #2, Rapids #6, NYRB #11, etc.)

    I encourage you to check them out if you need a quick laugh.

  30. The thought of Puerto Rico vs. Manchester United is making me giddy. At least until the time actually comes for the final whistle of game which would probably end up 6-0.


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