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Some bad karma for Bayern Munich

KloseInjured (Reuters) 

Were you one of those American soccer fans who cursed Bayern Munich for not giving Landon Donovan more of a chance to prove himself? Did you find yourself wishing bad things on the Bavarians after they sent Donovan back to Los Angeles without even seriously considering making an offer to keep him?

Apparently, your wishes came true (not that we condone schadenfreude).

Bayern Munich is in a world of hurt after German striker Miroslav Klose went down with what some fear is a broken ankle on Saturday. The injury could keep him out for the rest of the season. Couple that with Luca Toni's continued injury issues and Lukasz Podolski's continued erratic form, and suddenly Juergen Klinsmann's team is in desperate need of a forward.

Yes, I know, the Galaxy might not have even considered a deal for Donovan, what with David Beckham staying at Milan, but it would have been interesting to see things play out if Klose's injury had come a month ago.

What do you think of this development? Do you see Bayern Munich having any chance in Champions League now? Think Bayern just might fail to qualify for next year's Champions League? Or do you believe Klinsmann can work some magic and lead Bayern Munich to a Bundesliga title?

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  1. I wouldn’t rule Bayern out just yet. Guess we’ll have to wait and see but I think they can survive. If Podolski uses the extra playing time to his benefit he will only prove more fit and when he is on he can score with the best of them.

  2. Bayern Munich I think made a poor decison in not keeping Donovan. He assuredly has the pace and the scoring touch, but was not given sufficient opportunity in league play to show it. Now BM is hating it…oh well, karma can be a tough thing.

    In the long run, Donovan is better off, though. He will likely get an EPL transfer after the 2009 MLS season. I think the EPL is more suited to his game.

  3. Donovan has been ridiculed by the Europeans who were less than impressed. Klinsman will lose his job because he has failed to convince management that he can spot talent and failed to convince his players that he can manage.

  4. Criticize Donovan for being American, failing in the past in the Bundesliga and the MLS being weak if you want, that doesn’t change the fact that LD would be an key asset in Munich right now. Muller is going to be good–Donovan is good. LD scores and Bayern needs scorers. Of course, they could swipe Makaay back from Feyenoord–that Dutch ship is sinking deeper every day–as he certainly knows the system and how to score CL goals. Unless they solve this striker issue this week, here is FCB spring: out of CL in final eight, out of CL for 2009-10 when they finished 5th or 6th. Finally, Wolfsburg wins the Bundesliga and everyone in Munich starts screaming for the return of Felix Magath.

  5. Podolski did miss the penalty kick, so I guess he is not in great form. Whatever, Bayern still won.

    Here is the part I don’t understand. Milan is being criticized for pursuing a player that was on a temporary loan. Bayern is being criticized for the exact opposite. What’s the difference?

  6. Ives you might not condone it but many of us feel shadenfreude when stuff like this pops up. I hate to see the injury, but BM might be wishing they had some extra depth right about now.

    I would wish the same on Xerez, but they are likely to simply fade away back into obscurity once Jozy leaves.

  7. @ Iammetro, read both posts again; I never said Donovan brought team down, but rather no one is knocking down doors to get him, didn’t do jack after mid season friendlies. Guys get over Donovan, because if he was so good like you all talk, he will have tons of clubs every year asking for him in Europe. At least Beckham has given the league and Galaxy some European publicity, Donovan with his 20 goals should not be here if he is that good.


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