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Adebayor to sign with Manchester City

Emmanuel Adebayor 1 (Getty Images)

Manchester City is close to signing Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor.

Adebayor underwent a medical with the club on Saturday morning, and is finalizing personal terms before making an estimated £25 million ($41 million) move from Arsenal to Manchester City

Once signed, the Togo international, who scored ten goals and assisted on four others last season, will join Roque Santa Cruz, Carlos Tevez and Robinho in one of the most potent offenses in the Premiership.

What do you think of Adebayor joining Manchester City? Is City ready to become a top four club in the EPL? Will they deploy a 4-2-4 formation with all these forwards?

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  1. I think Mark Hughes may have the toughest job in all of football this year. He has all of those big-name and high-price players and the expectations that come with them, yet this really does not look anything like a typical football squad. If Hughes can get this odd assortment into the top 4 next year, hats off to him.

    Who exactly is supposed to provide service to all these strikers? Barry I guess? I just don’t see it.

  2. I think their 4-4-2 formation will look like this: Given(GK); Richards(RB), Dunne(CB), Kompany(CB), Bridge(LB); De Jong(DM), Barry(CM), Robinho(LM), Ireland(RM); Tevez(F), Adebayor(F). You still have Elano,SWP, Bellamey, and Cruz on the bench. I don’t see why they couldn’t push for fourth place with this squad.

  3. The rules say that the one with the most goals wins. I guess if you can score Six, it’s OK to let in five. This should make for some very entertaining soccer!

  4. Manchester City are making horrible decisions.

    They have a front three of
    Robinho-Santa Cruz-Tevez

    Having Adebayor instead of Santa Cruz adds almost nothing. Maybe 3 more goals per year on average? Total waste of money. They should have gotten a good DM with that money.

  5. All these overpaid players and none are world-class. I’d understand if it was Raul or Ronaldo or Henry. But Adebayor and Tevez? Brillant strikers, but not capable of much.

  6. Adebayor is a pretty good striker, just not world class. He should have gone to AC when he had a chance. Was he really so greedy? Have some loyalty. Once you play for a Top4 club in any league, why leave them for another in the same league. Try your hand abroad.

  7. I’m sure there is at least one other perpetually dissatisfied malcontent City could pay too much for if they really look hard. Look at the club list of their top four forwards: Boca Juniors, Corinthians, West Ham, Man U, Santos, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Blackburn, Metz, Monaco, Arsenal….and these are all young men. They are at City for the cash and the cash alone, and they are all going to want to play all the time. What could go wrong?

  8. that’s what i was thinking 49ers. i doubt robinho and shaun wright-phillips can play the wings in a 4-3-3.
    that’s a lot of ground to make up for their fullbacks.
    if they go with a 4-4-2, which is likely, I suppose Santa Cruz is the odd man out up front.
    Tevez and Adebayor up top.
    Robinho, Elano, Ireland, Gareth Barry/SWP at times in midfield.
    Not a bad attacking lineup, at all.
    Man City will need Vincent Kompany to hurry back from injury though to help that defense.

  9. City as naive as Totteringham. All those fools and no CL football. What happens when they don’t finish in the top 4? Fools and their money are easily parted. . . again.

  10. I follow Man City. They used Robinho a little bit on the wing last year so I could see them doing something like this

    Richards – Kompany (when healthy) – Onuoha – Bridge
    Ireland – Barry – Robinho
    Santa Cruz – Tevez – Adebayor

    But the scariest thing about this team is the bench, It’s something absolutely nasty.


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