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Report: Clark to Livorno closer to completion

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U.S. national team midfielder Ricardo Clark looks to be the latest American to parlay Confederations Cup success into a transfer move, with Italian side Livorno reportedly ready to complete a deal for the Houston Dynamo midfielder.

According to Corriere di Livorno, Clark and Livorno are expected to finalize a deal in the coming days after Livorno and the Houston Dynamo reached an agreement on a transfer.

Clark enjoyed a strong Confederations Cup after starting it out in controversial fashion with a questionable red card in the opening match against Italy, but his performance against Spain surely turned heads and Livorno has apparently stepped up with a legitimate offer.

Livorno has also been linked with Landon Donovan, but that move has lost steam in recent days, in no small part to the Italian club balking at MLS transfer demands for the U.S. national team star.

What do you think of Clark making a move to Italy? Can you see him doing well in Serie A? Happy to see another American moving to a big European league?

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  1. Donovan and Clark would make a very underestimated team eaven better. Three seasons ago Livorno made sixth place in Serie A, and some of the players who have declared not interested to leave have been chased by Juventus, Fiorentina and other top flight teams. Livorno does not play a defensive game compared to teams like AC Milan or Roma… Its already been declared that the Symbol (no 99) Lucarelli, of Livorno who has once again bought himself free of a contract to play for the club he loves will form a tridente with Tavano and Diamanti… That means they will play a 4-3-3 formation mostly. Adjusting to Livorno life will be less tough than enywhere else, because Livorno has the biggest American community of all Italian cities… As a Livorno fan from scandinavia i think this is promising… several quality players in and several loyal who will never leave.

  2. My first impression is great. Any USMNT player getting serious, serious looks from club in Europe is great. However, I had the same reservations about Onyewu’s move. Serie A is a league that has been suffering in the last couple of years. Not just in the quality of it’s top sides, or the well-documented struggles by the Italian national team, but the fact that the league reeks of corruption and hooliganism and the sheer unsportsmanlike play. So while it’s a good move for Rico, especially given his position, I would caution against great enthusiasm.

  3. I feel bad for Donovan, but I think he needs to go to a slightly bigger club than Livorno. Good for Ricardo Clark though. Just don’t turn into a commie, Rico!!


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