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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

While it may feel like a relatively slow day in the soccer world, but there are actually several good matches worth watching on this sunny (at least on the East Coast) Sunday.

The second pair of Gold Cup quarterfinals is underway in Dallas, while MLS also has a match on the slate with New England facing Chivas USA. There is also WPS action on tap, as well as another international club friendly.

Here are today's matches to watch:

  • 4:30pm- Sky Blue FC vs. Chicago Red Stars (Fox Soccer Channel)

  • 6pm- New England vs. Chivas USA (Direct Kick)

  • 7pm- Mexico vs. Haiti (Univision)

  • 7pm- Club America vs. Inter Milan (ESPN2)

If you will be watching any of these matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Club America vs. Inter Milan was a nice entertaining match, with free-flowing play. Club America actually impressed the most. Zlatan Ibrohimovic came in as a sub in the 2nd half, so it is unclear if his transfer to Barca has gone through yet. The Club America fans were really into the game and definately outnumbered the Italian fans. The ending was hectic as fans started running onto the field, and Milan players were unaware of a Penalty Shootout so they were already giving away Jerseys. Of course they had to attain them back and Club america won the shootout 5-4

  2. that America vs Inter game was a bunch of bull..nobody knew what was going on, what a joke. plus why does a team get 2 pts for a win on pk’s..??

  3. Sorry, I don’t buy the whole in-form stuff when it comes to Adu. Guys like Feilhaber and Altidore haven’t been getting playing time with their clubs and still looked better than Adu. There’s a reason that his coaches in Europe and Bradley don’t have much faith in Adu.

    Personally, I’ve always thought Adu is flashier than Dos Santos, but Dos Santos has a better soccer brain. There are times when all Adu wants to do is just dribble through defenses when a pass would have been a better idea. Also the way Dos Santos stole the ball twice during last night’s game against Haiti’s defenders shows Dos Santos tries to create his own chances. Adu can be great when he has the ball at his feet, but he doesn’t hustle the way Dos Santos does to get the ball. Adu still has time to be a great player, but right now Dos Santos is better, no question.

  4. Just got back from Milan-Galaxy. GREAT GAME! A few thoughts…

    1. The LA Riot Squad supporters were really the only people who were booing Beckham. The rest of us appreciated his contribution tonight.

    2. Very disappointed to not see Pato and especially Gooch tonight.

    3. Crowd was packed, 60-40 Galaxy fans vs. Milan fans.

    4. Ronaldinho is getting older but still has some great stuff. I’d take him any day.

    5. While Milan is obviously the stronger side, I’m proud of my Galaxy getting a result and showing the have real strength. Look out MLS!

  5. Dos Santos did not do that hot against Nicaragua. After that he has played well. Against Venezuela, Venezuela had their 3 D team. Dos Santos has been playing well in the weakest group in this Gold Cup. Yes, he has skills but I rather have an inform Adu.

  6. But an In-form Adu is quick and can strike the ball dangerously as well. I mean did anybody watch the Benfica games of Adu when he was in-form making the quick explosive off the ball runs and then putting two of them into the back of the net in limited minutes. That was not the Adu we saw the last Week becuase Adu is OUT OF FORM. I Just look at the Adu vs Switzerland and South Africa games in late 2007 and in-form Adu changing our offense instantly and being our best US player in regards to Creativity,explosiveness,dribbling and passing ability…..Also Dos Santos was in the same situation as Adu the last 2 years no coach played him often and he was terible vs US in Feb Dos Santos goes to a Club that plays(Ipswich) and look at Dos Santos doing his thing……..Adu needs to take a lesson form Dos Santos..Club play will get you into your top-form.

  7. I heard they booed Beckham in LA. Guess he has overstayed his welcome. He did to himself by first saying he was commited to MLS then saying he wanted to stay in AC Milan. I wonder how they will receive him on the next game.

  8. The thing is that it is not only one game for Dos Santos. He played really well down the stretch for Ipswitch and had an awesome game against Venezuela last month and has been having a very good Gold Cup. Adu has similar vision as Gio but Gio is stronger, faster, and better striking skills. Adu does have good intangibles, free/corner kicks, and passing but Gio has all that plus adds a little more. I see them going head to head for the next 10 years in classic matchups. Too bad Vela got injured or this could have been his coming out party also.

  9. Mike is right…………some fans here are so fickle…Dos Santos scores a goal and 2 assists and now its how could you compare Dos Santos to Adu? Look i get it an out-of-form Adu did not go “pele” on Grenada and so he had a HORRIBLE tornament even though he had about 10 excellent corners that our CB’s coudlent put into the back of the wide-open net and then Some of his passes that Davies did not finish that Adu should have gotten an assist on or that 25-yard Chip from an off angle that hit he post………….look i get it, unless an out-of-form Adu plays like “pele” Adu will be shitted on…….

  10. There is something very wrong with the force if Alan Gordon scores against AC Milan.

    Congrats Galaxy, that was impressive.

  11. Adu was not better than Gio at the U20’s. Gio won the bronze ball as the third best player behind Aguero and Di Maria. Adu is good but Gio is better right now.

  12. Dos has always been better than Adu, on youth teams, club teams, and with El Tri. Why are people comparing Adu to Dos??


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